You will find in this section essential information and examples to know in order to regain your freedom of thought. It is time to stop being manipulated and here are the solutions…
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Natura-dossierIt is time for us to do something to save physical nature! Neither the politicians who do not care, nor environmentalists who believe the politicians will do something about it, will do anything to really help Nature. Anyway, it is much too late to do anything material! Today, the solution is spiritual!  Learn more

Know yourself, and you will know the universe and the gods.”  You must have read this saying at least once in your life! But what does it really mean, “to know yourself”? And how does that help to know the universe and the gods?
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Free will and adulthood

Free will and adulthood

In our consumeristic society, the "barriers" between different ages and generations are falling like flies! Indeed, for mercantile reasons easy to guess, the "temple merchants" are as interested in children as adults: children must become teens, or even mini adults...

renaissance_art_150_3We offer you this section so that you may discover a new art, well anchored in our time, combining different artistic disciplines to Western meditation. We call this section ” New Renaissance Art” …
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Natura, or the secrets of the book of Nature

All you have ever wanted to know about Nature but never dared to ask!

You like Nature? You want to find peace with her and help her heal? This is your book, since it contains the remedy.

If you want to go beyond ecology and even deep ecology, it’s possible! Thanks to ecosophy, find answers to all your questions:

  • What provokes the destruction of Nature?
  • Why are human beings responsible?
  • What can they do to remedy the problem?
  • What are the practical tools to implement today?

Pierre Lassalle invites you to discover ecosophy and naturosophy, practical knowledge enabling humans to save and heal Nature.

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Jeunesse_150_2Throughout this section, we call upon the youth: would you really like to know who you are, what is a human being, to discover what you are doing on this Earth and to give rise to the challenge of bringing meaning to your existence?
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Heroism is the expression of an individual’s courage demonstrated to tame fear and to face a challenge or a test. Thus, courage, and heroism which is the multifaceted expression, are the prerogative of the European, and by extension today, of Western civilisation. A West way whose major aim must be to confront reality in order to transform it into a work of art!  Learn more

Dossier-Spiritualite2Spirituality involves the development of the human spirit, who cultivates his mind freely to experience the truth that will ultimately free him. Spiritual knowledge must be acquired by oneself …
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Love is very poorly known and especially deviated, in particular by psychologists, to be associated, as closely as possible, with sexuality. Today, most people believe they are in love if they experience sexual attraction to someone else. Yet nothing could be further from the truth!  Learn more

Ebooks with you everywhere !

Your favorite books available on your mobile devices! Have all the books of Pierre Lassalle wherever you are and for all the important moments of your life!

Many digital books available on the following platforms : Earth Publishing Light, Apple iBookstore (IPod devices, iPad, iPhone), Kindle ebook Amazon (Kindle devices) and Google Play (Android devices.

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City-woman 150b2Discover the importance of the Sacred Feminine: an invisible-spiritual dimension essential for our time (and our common future) in order to live a meaningful life, of love and harmony …
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Freedom and Love

This collection is the result of Céline Lassalles initiative who brought together these quotes, to honor in a simple and generous manner the universal work of Pierre Lassalle. Through 365 citations, we discover the richness of thirty years of spiritual research on Freedom & Love”, selected in the author’s work.

They are many ways of using it: as the messenger of the day, an easy-to-carry tarot, words of daily inspiration, support for meditation, spiritual celebration dates calendar and to generate deep conversations with friends …

This awakening guide is for the heart and offers 365 posts to grow in freedom and in love every day. Available with Editions Terre de Lumière, in French only at the moment.