For some decades now, we live in a world filled with music. Everywhere we go, especially in big cities, we hear music.

The author of these lines, who performed music ten years in his childhood and early adolescence, has nothing against “real” music, that is to say one that raises and inspires us. He is even very open to music that entertains us, when it is well done and well written.

But what about the intrusion of the “music all around us” which is the “background noise” of all the shops and even restaurants, where it becomes increasingly difficult to share with friends?

Is it reasonable Doctor?

Is there a hidden reason for this invasion of “music all around us” that is to say, these forms of music “by the kilometer” (uh, it’s really a human who created “it “?!)?

Will silence disappear? And why?

The evolutionary process that we have very briefly described in our article on “thirst of images” allows humans to not only access the new faculty called “solar clairvoyance”, but a new form of ‘Inspiration’, which has only existed for a few decades, as well.

The new form of Inspiration is a new kind of listening skill of the spiritual world, which allows the meeting of spiritual entities or forces of nature (see our book Natura). This Inspiration or solar clairaudience is available thanks to a new form of meditation.

To access and develop this new Inspiration, it is necessary to establish a deep silence in oneself, that is achieved through great inner strength. This is a more difficult option than obtaining solar clairvoyance (which we mentioned in our article on thirst for images), except in the case of very gifted beings.

It replaces the old ways of clairaudience, as it stems from the development of the “mind of man” (homme de tête) that is to say, skills that are rooted in high-level thinking, so as to elevate oneself even higher still. Indeed, the new Inspiration is not emotional or sentimental (as with the old one), or even of the ordinary mind: it rises “above”!

Obviously, you will find in the new age movement many methods that were intended only to mislead you, so that you would never discover this new faculty.

And what role does the “music all around us” play?

To keep you distracted on the outside world and to steer you clear from silence.

However, you can discover beautiful music (not necessarily only classical either!) coming from inspired authors and composers, who “capture” the supra-sensitive worlds … even if these authors are rare! You will not find them in the rankings of the “hit parade”! Look well!

But certain music creates sound atmospheres conducive to spiritual growth and meditation. Of course, to achieve such a blessed day, the Inspiration or solar clairaudience, you must meditate in silence.

What are the disadvantages of constantly listening to the “music all around us” or low-quality music?

It will bring you a false external sense of security that will generate a lot of insecurity in the face of silence.

You will not be able to listen to others, you will be taken in a frenzy of words without interest.

You will lose your ability to concentrate, you will be easily destabilized, losing the sense of inner balance … and this will lessen considerably the quality of your relationships!

And, of course, you will be unable to access the Inspiration or solar clairaudience!

What a waste !

The matrix (materialist, consumerist society) = 2
The human (naive and very conditioned) = 0

Pierre Lassalle

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