New Renaissance Art

An artistic approach combining art to Western meditation...

New Renaissance Art

renaissance_art_150_3We offer you this section so that you may discover a new art, well anchored in our time, combining different artistic disciplines to Western meditation.
We call this section ” New Renaissance Art” because, more than just the title of a new artistic movement, it represents a state of mind.
This state of mind is born with New Renaissance!
What is New Renaissance?
You certainly know what is called the Renaissance era and which, from a historical point of view, took place during the 15th and 16th centuries.
During this period, Western humanity experienced a huge artistic revival. We refer you to your favourite books on the subject.
This period of the Renaissance is connected with the astrological-astronomical cycle, which is that of the planet Venus. Venus, in its heavenly path, performs various cycles, all more or less known.
The largest of these cycles is that of 1199 years, which corresponds to 150 cycles of 8 years (or 750 conjunctions with the Sun), sometimes called the “pentagram of Venus.” Indeed, it is well known that Venus draws a pentagram in the air in eight years (or five conjunctions with the Sun). The pentagram of Venus rotates slowly in the sky, and it recurs in the same place of the zodiac, exactly, after almost 1200 years! This is the mega cycle of Venus, governing the civilisations. Over the centuries, observers have noted that changes in civilisations follow a cyclic rate of 600 years (within a few months), that is to say the exact half of the mega cycle of Venus, nearly 1200 years.
Now, when was the last time a 600-year cycle began? It was the time of the Renaissance: in 1412 (major conjunction Sun-Venus).
Thus, it is in 2012, June 6th, to be precise, that a new Venusian cycle started!
So, for about three years, we have been experiencing the beginnings of a New Renaissance, under the impulse of Venus.
During the next few decades, a new art will develop and new artistic, cultural even social impulses will emerge, bringing new hope for humanity in search of meaning and a future more in keeping with the values and ideals of the human being.
For some time, many people in different countries have been “capturing” the influx of this New Renaissance, without understanding what exactly it is.
This current New Renaissance is here today and it is just waiting to blossom.
Since we have the privilege and opportunity to experience these initial moments of the New Renaissance, let’s make the most of it by revealing the best of ourselves!
This is what we hope for you to discover throughout this section.
You will discover the results of some of our research and our artistic experiences (drawing, painting, poetry, writing in various forms, etc.), and we will explain our methods … while ensuring that you understand our results are the fruits of labour and commitment, but also, and especially, a regular practice of Western meditation. And it is this Western meditation that allows us special access to the spiritual world, from which we consciously find inspiration.
A few years ago, we called this practice “Art Imaginative”. But since the birth of New Renaissance, we have decided to abandon this name so as to focus on the state of mind in connection with our time (and the Spirit that guides our time).
We no longer name it in fact, but prefer to talk of this “Renaissance Art” that we so wish to share.
Is there a method to practice this new art?
It is possible to determine the following steps in our practice:

  1. Study of a subject of spiritual knowledge in relation to that which we desire to create. That which we create is always “bigger than us,” that is to say, a fraternal work, carrying out a message well beyond our own ideas or beliefs. We do not create, in this spirit, by pouring our subconscious on paper or on canvas and by letting our instinct “speak” (a completely out-dated method today). It is a conscious service linked with the spiritual world.
  2. Western meditation (with conscious access to the spiritual world) on studied spiritual knowledge. Know that all knowledge is a spiritual being.
  3. Meeting with a suprasensible entity and/or with the spiritual image that is handed to us, like a “mirror”.
  4. Artistic practice to manifest the spiritual image that has been inspired in us. This outcome requires inner work, a transcendence that transforms our artistic practice (and ourselves) in depth.
  5. Dissemination in the world …

If this practice raises questions for you, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Pierre Lassalle

Les Mystères de la Dame à Licorne de Pierre Lassalle

Les Mystères de la Dame à la Licorne

A highly illustrated art book (in color), which reveals the mysteries of the famous tapestries of the Lady with the Unicorn, and spotlights the existence of a new artistic movement.

  • Author: Pierre Lassalle
  • Publisher: Terra Lucida
  • Number of pages : 132
  • ISBN : 978-2-9532110-0-9
  • Language : French

Lucidaëlle Photography

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