Following an in-depth study of the prophecies proclaimed by dozens of prophets over the centuries, of recent initiates or clairvoyants, and our own researches, it is evident that we are going straight toward the end of the terrifying world: a shifting of the earth’s poles is being prepared! We do not have much time left …

It is true that human beings have destroyed their planet a lot with their consumerist and selfish lifestyles, and their science, their experiments on climatic weapons and other destructions of the ozone layer, and even of the Van Allen belt!!!

One day, you have to pay the bill!

Okay, okay, it’s a joke! Hey! Don’t go!!! Oh no! Some have already left…!

On the other hand, it is true that humans have destroyed their planet a lot, and that science has a lot of blood on its hands! Sorry for the “scientific religion” fanatics…

The author of these lines is neither for nor against science, but it must be acknowledged that we have nothing to be proud of! Yes, I know, the good ol’ materialist will cry loudly: “Long live comfort!”. So what? Do you really believe that this requires the destruction of Nature?!

Don’t you get tired of destroying it?!

Nature gives you everything for free! And you, when was the last time you gave without expecting anything in return, with disinterestedness?

Aren’t you tired of killing one another in the 4 corners of the world?

Aren’t you tired of listening to the journalists who constantly fill your eardrums with news of this destruction?

Aren’t you fed up with criticizing each other for days on end, or screaming at one another over sordid stories of jealousy?

Don’t you get tired of your selfishness, because you’ve spent your time receiving and taking, and complaining because you have not received enough?

Maybe it’s time to move on!

It might be time to give as much as you receive or take! And to make your thinking work properly, because without thinking one behaves like an “animal” always wanting to “eat” or take, and nothing else matters!

Thinking is precisely what differentiates the human from the animal…so think, in order to find solutions and to learn to give…and to love! For only thought can give you access to Love! If you do not think “right”, then you can not understand what Love is, nor the gift of self, nor service, in short, any of the greatest human values!

On the other hand, if you learn to think “right”, that is, if you learn to think like Christ showed you two thousand years ago, then you will grasp what Love is and you will know how to live it and express it, as well as all the great human values!

Don’t you think that would be better, than making climatic weapons to destroy your neighbor, while making it seem like a natural disaster?

A true thought, then Love in action, here is what could save the earth and humanity!

Don’t you prefer it to the shifting of the earth’s poles, all because the human being will have clung to the end, like a selfish fool, to its consumerist-materialistic-destructive way of life?!

We offer you a small exercise:

Starting this year, pretend that the Earth is going to be turned upside down on December 31st, as if it were the end of the world!

Then ask yourself, “Will I continue to behave like a selfish idiot the entire year, the last year of my life on earth? “

And, as you will certainly answer “No!” because you are a true human (only demons would say “Yes!”), then throughout this year you will learn to think correctly, in order to grasp what true Love is, in order to act in all your areas of life…to offer a maximum of Good throughout this period!

And then, December 31st will pass without cataclysm; and the next day you will take stock of all the Good you will have spread in all the areas of your life throughout the year…and you will be able to drink champagne to celebrate this victory!

And the following year you will do it again!

Your life will become an offering to Life, Love and the Great Master who brought Love to Earth: our God!

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