In recent decades, we live in a flood of images of all kinds that invade our field of vision: the images of television, of ads with their billboards disfiguring our cities, of magazines and of the Internet that are interfering without our consent. Is it reasonable, Doctor?

No one can deny that we are constantly inundated with images.

Where did this come from? Is there a reason for this invasion?

From the most beautiful artistic photos to the sordid images of porn, should we or can we even guard against such an intrusion?

The naïve say that this is due to our mode of civilization and that all tastes are found in nature!

But there exists a deeper yet little known reason to this phenomenon. Indeed, humanity has entered a new phase of its evolution (no, not the Age of Aquarius yet!), and has at its disposition new internal or spiritual means, so as to acquire new skills.

The first that we present here is “spiritual imagination”, or the new solar clairvoyance. Simply put, in recent decades, humans have a new ability to see images in the spiritual world, without any artificial influence (drugs, etc.) or hereditary gift (no, it’s not thanks to grandma!).

All initiated individuals know this: everything has changed and the ancient clairvoyance (lunar) is has-been! Mediumship, lunar clairvoyance, channeling, mediumship trance, herbal drugs that allow you access to other dimensions, this is all to be filed away in folkloric new age that has nothing to do with spirituality, nor with our times: it is out of style, backward, and has only one goal: to make you miss out on the real possibilities of our time!

The problem then posed is the following: on one hand, a new faculty is being born in the interiority of the human being, that of seeing images in the spiritual world in a different way from the past and, on the other hand, many so-called initiatory methods take you back, so as to especially not find this new method!

Yes, it is possible once again to access the spiritual world, as well as the forces of Nature and to see “images”, without employing any of the methods of the past which have seen their day!

And what could, apart from the merchants of the New Age temple, prevent you from going to experience these inner images for yourselves?

It is all the images you can see in the world without requiring any effort!

In summary, all the images that invade your life have no purpose, for the vast majority of them, other than keeping you out of your being.

“Whatever you do, don’t look inside yourself! “, they scream.

Of course, there are also high-quality images that can be contemplated carefully, because they can feed your inner being. But we must choose them well, because they are, at most, barely 1% of all the images we see every day (especially in large cities and on the internet!).

What is the impact of these low-quality, even downright dismal images, like porn, on your inner being?

The more these low-quality images are viewed “young”, the more their impact will be significant. You should know that images nourish the inner being, just as food nourishes the physical body.

If you leave a child, or even pre-teen regularly watch low-quality images, his inner being will dry up. Of course, since we live in a materialistic society, it is of no interest, you say! Yet understand that the inner being drained by low-quality images for years, become unfit for creativity in adulthood. He will be unable to focus, to imagine, to invent, to create, to be original, in short he will be a “good old zombie”!

And if we speak of an adult, what will become of him after spending a lot of time looking at low-quality images?

He will feel guilty, often denigrating others, he will have lost his sense of beauty, his life will become more and more virtualized, he will have problems concentrating, memory problems (he will easily forget what to do), etc.

Besides, he will be of course, totally unfit to access the spiritual world and see supersensible images. What a waste !

The matrix (materialist and consumerist society) = 1
The human (naïve and well conditioned) = 0

Pierre Lassalle

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