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Nature in danger

Natura-dossierUnless you have spent the last twenty years in a dark room or on a deserted island, everyone knows that Nature is in danger … because of the materialistic human being and his destructive lifestyle.

Do you also know that if everyone on the planet had the same lifestyle as North Americans, Nature would have been completely destroyed in one year?

Okay, so we all agree it is our hyper selfish lifestyle, materialistic, “I consume everything” attitude that is exterminating nature?

And what are you going to do to avoid this extinction?

You also know that if Nature dies, man dies, since she is the one feeding us on Earth!

Yet everyone acts as if everything is fine! While feeling immensely guilty! Obviously!

Besides, ecologists (what an overused word!) offer small gestures all in “good-conscience” to help us feel less guilty!

Use a little less water (take showers instead of baths). Turn down your heating in the winter, etc. Of course, this is better than nothing to fight against pollution. But I wonder if there are people naïve enough to believe that these measures will save the planet?

And then there’s Mr. Hulot: You have certainly seen his TV shows on Nature. He happens to be the great defender of Nature, no? He always has in tow large groups of people, especially young, who believe in him!

And what exactly does this “great ecological leader” advocate?

He offers various measures to be implemented by the Heads of States to save Nature!

Really? Oh, yes! Just go on the website or buy his new book and see for yourself.

Such naivety is serious! To still believe, even at his age, that politicians are motivated to save Nature, is sheer denial! It leaves you wondering whom he is serving?

The only thing that interests politicians is power! Moreover, it is not they who rule the world; today, most people are well aware of that.

So why does this man act as if he is so convinced that politicians will save the world?

It would be hilarious… if only the situation was not so serious!

Why carry in tow so many young people who really wish to help Nature heal? Why take them on a path of “false saviourhood” leading nowhere, except to the loss of enormous amounts of energy, and to come to believe that one is forced to go through political power, so that in the end, nothing is possible, nothing can change, because “our leaders” want nothing of it? This is cruel to our youth: it is a deprivation of their free will, and a direct attack on their hopes. Indeed, leading them to believe that solutions require an “external saviour” is annihilating what little hope they have. This is very serious, for young people and for Nature!

Let us now look at things from a spiritual perspective: Nature is immortal, so she will not die. And that is good news! Unfortunately, Nature is predominantly ethereal; this is where her life forces are located. So the bad news is that from a physical point of view, Nature could very well die or come very close to it and as said above, this would be without harm to her etheric survival (its alive and invisible dimension).

However, human beings need “physical nature” to survive as it provides the nourishment for our life on Earth. If Nature survives only at the etheric, then man will die of general famine! Game over!

In the end, perhaps nature will live on, while she will dies a physical death and man with her.

We must be able to see both aspects simultaneously: physical and etheric (or living and invisible).

It is time for us to do something to save physical nature!

Neither the politicians who do not care, nor environmentalists who believe the politicians will do something about it, will do anything to really help Nature.

Anyway, it is much too late to do anything material!

Today, the solution is spiritual!

What does that mean?

Nature is spiritual. The human being is spiritual, that is to say endowed with a spirit.

Yet it is precisely, and only, with his spirit that humans can heal physical nature.

And he must do it now, before it is too late and the only chance remaining for physical nature to survive will be to generate cataclysms to try to regenerate.

It is time to change our lifestyle, in depth, with a fraternal spirit of selflessness, openness to others, to the spiritual world, the sacred, the feminine, in true love, true freedom, solidarity, etc.

And not only with words but also in deed, in your life, because you choose it and it shows in your lifestyle. There are easy exercises to practice – alone or with friends – that can make a difference by joining you in your new lifestyle.

We have provided them in our book Natura or The Secrets of the Book of Nature, presented below, which contains everything you need to save the physical nature, and thus humanity.


 Pierre Lassalle




Natura, or the secrets of the book of Nature



All you have ever wanted to know about Nature but never dared to ask!

You like Nature? You want to find peace with her and help her heal? This is your book, since it contains the remedy.

If you want to go beyond ecology and even deep ecology, it’s possible! Thanks to ecosophy, find answers to all your questions:

  • What provokes the destruction of Nature?
  • Why are human beings responsible?
  • What can they do to remedy the problem?
  • What are the practical tools to implement today?

Pierre Lassalle invites you to discover ecosophy and naturosophy, practical knowledge enabling humans to save and heal Nature.

He confides to you his encounters with the Goddess Natura, namely Mother Nature, who explains to him “who she is”, and what Nature needs.

He reveals to you the invisible backgrounds of Nature, with all her beings at work, her seasons and her in depth functioning.

You will also learn how to practice each of the major sacred festivals of the year, in order to establish a rhythm in your lifestyle, while contributing to the healing of Nature. Unheard of!

Be open to revelations: humans can bring redemption and evolution to Nature, to create with her a New World: this book offers practical ways to achieve this. It is simple and can change everything.


Nature needs of all of us: with Her, let’s create a New World!

  • Author: Pierre Lassalle with Céline Lassalle
  • Publisher: Terre de Lumière
  • Number of pages : 252
  • ISBN : 978-2-940448-59-3

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