Pierre Lassalle interviewed by Cap Liberté de conscience

Spring 2013


Why did you become a writer? What was your main motivation?

In fact, I had the idea at around 13 years old! At that time, I knew I would become a writer one day, and that I would get messages across in my books to help out people with their lives on earth. Of course, I had to be patient (laughs!)! When I really became a writer, my main motivation was to help everyone reveal their full potential, to be individualized, and to live in fraternal love and hope. We hear everywhere that men are miserable and descended from monkeys, and that the future is terrifying! I don’t agree with that! They are lies! Man is great and has an infinite potential to reveal. He must hope for a new world more fraternal. It is a lie: life is a gift when filled with love and hope!

What would be the first « word of truth » you would like to declare, in answer to one or many lies aimed at you specifically?

In fact, I would like to explain one or two things about my topic Light in the Matrix which can be found on this web site. First, when I started writing, my idea was to form groups of people in order to put to practice knowledge and exercises that were in my books. Ouch, that wasn’t a good idea! I understood, after very few years, that it was not possible… because people before anything wanted to be taken care of, that I would have taken them in charge, that I would support them, that I’d be their father, mother, in short, they had phenomenal expectations, that anyways I had no intention to satisfy! I realized that we didn’t understand one another at all. And I understood that people would behave almost the same way around the world: we live in a world of welfare recipient, where people are all looking to be taken care of. This had nothing to do with my starting goal. I realized that I got « fooled ». And this earned me big problems, because I was then accused of being the head of a sect (it’s true that it was the beginning of the “sect hunt” that was going on at that time… I’ve realised since then where that form of inquisition comes from!) Of course, I didn’t like it and decided to not take care of groups anymore… therefore, for some time now, I stopped taking care of groups that were looking to be taken care of and that wanted at all costs to live as if they were in a sect. That is actually an astonishing paradox: in fact, these people, that are very passive and inert, project on writers like me a terrifying authority, acting as if they were some poor victims of a bad « guru », when these people are in fact « passive manipulators », and are ready to do anything to get what they want (expectations, dreams, various projections)! So I’ve put a stop to all this! I’m done taking care of such groups. It’s bad for the health (laughs)!

Can you tell us how you work nowadays, following the lessons you learned?

Yes, of course! As a writer, I spend most of my time researching (through books, or in meditation to seek inspiration and knowledge from the spiritual realm), and writing. My schedule, although precise, is also very flexible, because it depends on the inspiration I’m getting and the topic I’m writing about, because every book is different and needs a certain dose of adaptation. So it is every time a new adventure, a new door, a new world…

How much time does it take to write a book? How many have you written?

It is very different from one book to another because writing a book depends on researches I do and on the inspiration I get. I can say I need from three months to a year to write one. Researches constitute the majority of the time. The time of writing is faster, ranging from three weeks to three months… I am currently writing my 34th book!

And once the book is written and published, what do you do?

I start writing a new one (laughs)! … In fact, the least I can do is to collaborate with my editor, to help in his tasks of publishing and promoting my books. Since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to collaborate with my editor, by promoting my books. Today, when my new book comes out, I take care of it by assuring its promotion. It consists in going around Europe and going to Canada, and to give lectures. I also take part in workshops, seminars and book fairs, according to what is offered to me. But, I have to admit that it is not what I prefer… because my preference goes clearly to writing and everything that it includes…

As I said earlier, before I was taking care of groups of people to help them put into practice my books… but after realising the huge expectations people had and their projections, I abandoned this idea, and I concentrated on writing. As for the promotion of my books, it’s a lot « lighter » then to take care of groups, because I only see people for a few hours, I answer to those who ask me questions, and everyone goes home. I get very few letters from my readers (In addition it is my editor who answers, except rarely when he asks for my opinion…), and I don’t give any advises, neither any private consulting. Anyway, it is not necessary, because my books are written a certain way that they are self-sufficient. I’ve always written practical books, with exercises, that, if they choose it, my readers can practice at home, in their normal daily life… and they absolutely do not need me for that! For me, autonomy is crucial. Anyway, in a country like France, obsessed with cult hunting (only in connection with spirituality, of course!!!), better be careful! There are so many people whishing to be taken charge of (in other words to be manipulated, let’s not be afraid of using these words!), and that are ready for anything to avoid responsibility and to project on a “scapegoat” as soon as they are in front of a test, that I prefer taking a certain « distance » with the people I help. I am fully aware of the amount of work I am doing to help everyone becoming themselves in this society, and it is important in my eyes that I get respected, in return…

So what about people who are afraid of cults?

“You’re right! You are manipulated! But it is not spirituality that manipulates you. The truth is else- where!” See my file Light in the Matrix. We live in a weird society where we push people so that they do not feel responsible for anything, where we take them in charge, and where we make them believe that the greatest human qualities are individualism and selfishness (sometimes hypocritically called « self-esteem»!). The result is: people are becoming more and more distrustful or suspicious (even more in big cities) … and they see evil everywhere, and always first! Lie, stealing, looting, betrayal have become « normal » attitudes, cause we tell people over and over that they have to take care of themselves first and their little happiness, without thinking about anyone else. In these conditions, there is nothing surprising in the fact that people wonder if they are manipulated: then, people were “whispered” that they were manipulated by spirituality cults!!! Again, it is a lie, and another manipulation! The book, recently published, called Neuro-Esclaves from Italian authors Marco Della Luna and Paolo Cioni, is excellent for those who want to know more.

What would be the solution, from your perspective?

All this manipulative circus comes mainly from electronic media. I would suggest people to take a step back from this media invasion (that has swept the world just a few years ago, which means that people didn’t have time to accommodate nor understand what was going on – did you say manipulation?!), and to define what truly are their main values, what makes sense in their lives. It is important to have a real lifestyle, entirely created by ourselves, and where we feel great, leaving behind all the world’s fuzz and it’s multiple influences!  Nowadays, more and more people « go crazy » or commit suicide. This is not surprising when you have a look at how this society functions.

Human beings do not correspond to what science tells us: let’s stop idolizing scientists (I think everyone has noticed that science has replaced religion!), that believe that we descend from monkeys and that our future is one where we’d carry along an artificial brain (latest news are that manufacturing has started!) and an android body! Let us not leave it that way! If some want to fully go along with this society, well of course it is their choice and we respect it.

But let’s make sure they respect us back for wanting another world: a world where trust will replace suspicion; a world where love will replace affect (the bases for sexual manipulations); a world where virtues and what is sacred will replace selfishness and individualism; a world where life will replace death and destruction. And if we really wanted to make some efforts, well this new world would be within our reach… it’s not that hard, all you need is to make choices and plan accordingly. It is essential to have this hope of a new world truly in harmony with the human beings that we are… where we would all be creators, with love in our hearts and our hands, to build the future together.

Thank you Pierre Lassalle…



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