Thought shines and gives, especially when connected to the higher realms; it becomes universal, wanting to give to others.

Sentiment takes, expects and wants to receive, especially when it is caught up by desire; it pillages, imitates and leeches.

Thus, the more we learn to think in a just manner, the more we give, shine and become creators. On the other hand, the more we submerge ourselves in our sentiments and desires, (lower part of our astral body or the body of desires) the more we take, imitate, and leech.

When we think correctly, we look upwards (celestial Soul, higher Self, Angle, the Divine, etc.) and humble ourselves to the greatness we perceive…aspiring to evolve and self-transcend, so that we may participate if but only a little, in this beautiful greatness that fascinates us so. When submerged in our sentiments and desires, we look downwards, (matter, material goods, dominant-dominated affective relationships) becoming proud and condescending towards others…“hiding” from ourselves, we refuse to see our exhalations and shortcomings.

The more humble and amazed humans are, the more they will be happy to know nothing or almost nothing, able to spend their lives in service to the spiritual world, while learning to acquire new knowledge and constantly discovering new wonders and mysteries of the divine world.

The smaller and feebler humans feel, the more they will be tempted to look downwards, seeking to dominate someone to satisfy their pride, feeling their value, albeit illusionary, through those who would take advantage of them. They strive for their ego’s glory, instead of working for God’s Glory!

This self-centered state of mind requires profound work on one’s self-esteem…not forgetting that true dignity comes from serving the spiritual world, meaning to look upwards (thought) and to act out of Love. True dignity cannot be procured through actions that are uniquely materialistic and egoistical (sentiment)… at best, we would wallow in self-love (which is not really love!).

In short, it is essential that we think more (while being prudent of the pervasive media giants’ “pensée unique” or “single-thought”) in order to increase giving, gift of self, the radiance of Good, and that we tame and master our sentiments, emotions and desires, so that we take, leech and plunder less from others.

What can we do to better develop our though?

Know that food, breath and though are all interconnected. If we learn to breath correctly (slower, deeper and consciously), to choose “organic” food which we eat with awareness and concentration, fully chewing and with gratitude, we can thus improve our capacity to think justly and master our thoughts. This has been known for millennia!

Everything within us is connected!

If we eat just about anything (heavy foods full of pesticides, etc.), and breath too fast (for example due to being too emotional, or having too many egoistical desires) not only would we not be in good health, we would be dragging our thought along the asphalt and through the mud, thus having a slow and impoverished “muddy” thought, attracted by only that which causes emotions.

On the other hand, food that is pure and dynamic, along with deep and conscious breathing, will favor the dynamics of our thought, giving it wings and making it clearer.

We therefore are more apt to enacting the Good afterwards. In addition, this winged thought will elevate our sentiments: becoming noble!

Ultimately, it is a choice that is incumbent to each of us: to look upwards, seeking to elevate ourselves through a just use of our thought; or to look downward, seeking to dominate, squash and manipulate, in order that we feel that we exist while submerged in the gutters of our astral body.

It is up to everyone to make his or her choice.

Fortunately, we have free will! Yet, we must remember it and apply it to all spheres of our lives.

Thus act!

Pierre Lassalle

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