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Love is very poorly known … As you have gathered from our article on “The Three Villainies of the 20th Century”, love was especially deviated, in particular by psychologists, to be associated, as closely as possible, with sexuality.
Today, most people believe they are in love if they experience sexual attraction to someone else.
Yet nothing could be further from the truth!
Sexuality has nothing to do with love! And it’s simply conditioning, or having been brainwashed, that would lead you to believe so.
If you really want to see clearly in your relationships, which would be of great credit, then you need to make the effort to consider these three different levels:
• Sexual Attraction
This is the lowest level of the three. It is connected to the will, our sexual instincts or breeding, and as the name suggests (and as science has recently shown), it only concerns the reproduction of the human species.
In short: when you are sexually attracted to someone, it means, at a subconscious level, that you are a good match to reproduce with this person. And that’s all! This is neither good nor bad, it is simply nature’s expression within you. Of course, with a lot of hype and manipulation, we make this the essential aspect in a supposedly loving relationship, but it’s not true!
• Feelings.
This is the intermediate level. It is connected to the heart, the emotional and sentimental part of being human. Feelings are the tools that allow us to engage with each other. It allows us, for example, to feel sympathy or antipathy for one another, which will either push us to relate or to reject one another. With feelings, humans may be more aware of the relationship than with sexuality, which remains very unconscious. With feelings, the individual may experience a range of emotions and feelings which, associated with sexual attraction, can make us believe that this is love. Yet this is not yet the case.
• Love.
This is the highest level. Today, love remains “above” the human being. It does not live yet “in” the human being. That will come when man will have passed a milestone in its evolution. For now, this is still a part of our future. However, love is available today for those that wish to make the effort to get there.
Since love is located above humans (in the causal world, that is, the world of our Higher Self or the Soul Heaven), thanks to your mind, the most conscious tool in our current existence, you can enter the Kingdom of Love.
Yes, contrary to what everyone is saying (let’s not forget that we are being manipulated!), it is not enough to just “let go” to find love! Indeed, when you let yourself go, you fall, and you “land” in your gut (never to be confused with your intuition!), and you feel sexual attraction. In fact, we have a suited expression that says, “to fall in love”! Yes, you have indeed “fallen” out of your head or your heart and into your abdomen, where sexual desire lives.
Whereas, to feel love, you need to elevate yourself, to reach it above your head, then through your thought, love descends into your heart, and then it spreads around. Indeed, love has a dual movement: it descends vertically from a source located above you, then it starts to radiate horizontally after reaching your heart and provides warmth, peace, fulfillment and joy, which are its fruits.
Finally, the big difference between what we call “love” in this world, and the real strength of its name is this: true love lasts forever. It is impossible to love and to forget that love. When love wears its wings and its head, it is forever!
The author would like to emphasize that in this article, he is not expressing his own personal views on love, but universal realities he has verified by thousands of experiences over at least three decades. Its purpose is neither to please nor to displease, but simply to explain as clearly as possible the spiritual process: in the context of this article, it is to show the reality of the great Force of all forces we call Love.
If you would like more information, we recommend our book below “L’Héroïsme de l’Amour” (The Heroism of Love).

Pierre Lassalle


Héroïsme de l'AmourL’Héroïsme de l’Amour

Written with Céline Lassalle, this book reveals what love really is. It delivers all the secrets to living the victory of love in conjugal life. A truly new way to practice the couple today, punctuated with adventure, games, heroism and virtues.

  • Author: Céline et Pierre Lassalle
  • Publisher: Terre de Lumière
  • Number of pages : 352
  • ISBN : 978-2-940448-28-9
  • Language : French


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