Our habitat and its relationship to the physical body and the future

[Excerpt from a lecture given by Céline and Pierre Lassalle in Paris on May 13, 2017]

I am going to tell you about things that have been known for thousands and thousands of years, at least since ancient Egypt, but have been completely forgotten by our modern architects, which is a shame.

What you should know is that architecture in antiquity was part of a set that was called the “Seven Liberal Arts” which were taught until the Middle Ages at the School of Chartres in France, but which were also known to the Greeks and the Egyptians. It was a set of “artistic-scientific” teachings that aimed to help the human being, who was following this spiritual and initiatory teaching, to evolve.

As for architecture, which is the only aspect I’m going to develop here because the others are not directly related to the home, it allowed the individual to understand essential aspects in relation to his habitat, which we have lost today. I am speaking of sacred architecture so as not to confuse it with architecture of today.

The sacred architecture of antiquity was known to be related to the future. That is to say that from the moment when an architect created a habitat or a temple (or until the Middle Ages Gothic churches for example), they knew that it was linked to the future.

When you say, for example, that you are going to enter your house and that your home is related to your future, it may seem odd to you! Yet there is a very simple way to understand it: you are looking for a place to live and find it; you’re going in and it’s your first day… Of course you do not know anything about it, but maybe you’ll be there for a year, three years, five years or ten years. If you were clairvoyant and could project your consciousness into the future, you would know, for example, that you are going to stay there for seven years, but you do not know it! Even if you do not know it, it will exist nonetheless!

The first day you enter this house, there remains before you a potential of seven years in this house, that will day after day, month after month and year after year continue to manifest according to what you will live while there. That’s why architecture has always been considered something that must be related to the future of the individual who will live there. Which implies some knowledge in the way of building, of constructing, according to the individual for whom it was built.

Today all this has been completely forgotten, but what we can take advantage of is to realize that when I enter my house or apartment, it is to stay a while: it’s my future.

What do I want to do with my future?

Usually we settle in, we clean it up, we place the furniture around, we decorate it … and after that, it is all done. If I do that, it means there will be no future! It means that I stunt, cut off and block my future! Never, never do that! In antiquity, they knew this, but we no longer do. A habitat must be something evolutionary which is never finished.

Of course in our materialistic society, we rush things like crazy, full speed ahead because we have to get back to work, we have something else to do, etc … Huge mistake!

When you enter your new home or apartment, you must never finish it. It is your future that will unfold and you should never finish settling down, never finish working on it, creating it, to be sure that your future is always moving, that it remains open.

If you stuff everything into the rooms, fill them with furniture and other stuff, your home will be blocked and there will be no life possible, because life is movement! If in your home there is no movement and everything is barricaded everywhere, then there is no future. It’s typical of the materialists of today … and we are all materialists, and we are very afraid of the future. So we block it, we barricade it, we block the energy!

It’s dangerous, because another thing the ancients also knew is that the house is the extension of the physical body. Homes of all times were built in antiquity as an extension of the physical body.

From a certain point of view, it’s also easy to understand: we are spirits that incarnate into a physical body. To live on this earth, we need a physical body. We are not at all made for that. The human being as spirit lives in a world of spirit, and from time to time descends on earth, and takes a physical body to live here, otherwise it is impossible to incarnate.

Our physical body is incredibly wonderful, incredibly rich in everything we can do with it, but it is a bit heavy to drag around…! Imagine if we were pure spirit, we could move from one place to another with the snap of a finger! With our physical body, it is not possible: we leave the room, we take our car … Putt Putt Putt! … The traffic … The train or the plane … To finally arrive, after hours and hours, where we wanted to get! It’s like that! That’s the game! We must accept the game … It’s the game of incarnation, but we are not at all made for that, contrary to what science tells us. It makes us believe that we are just a physical body with psycho-emotional-stuff reactions, but that’s not true! We are first and foremost spirits! Free spirits. And so it requires a lot of effort and learning, knowledge, to support our body and live in this world that is very, very, very heavy for us as a spirit. But that’s the game.

The earth is a school. We learn a lot of things, but it’s not always easy and we only accept it more or less. But if we have incarnated on earth, it is because we wanted to. We cannot blame anyone, we are the ones who wanted to come down! Only, we do not remember it! So sometimes we do not appreciate it so much…

In short, we have a problem with our body. We are not super comfortable with our body, with incarnation, we have a problem with space … you get the picture?! Yes, yes! I assure you there are people like that! (laugh)

So, imagine … The house represents the extension of your physical body. In antiquity, thanks to sacred architecture, we knew the laws of how the physical body worked, and therefore, the habitats were created accordingly. Today, we no longer know anything about it. We build things hastily that are not at all in accord with the physical body, and we live in them!

So, imagine: you know nothing of what is being explained and you are someone with a body that you carry around a little like a cross, however you can… You look to fit in everywhere … the material world is not your thing … You arrive in a house and you settle down as everyone does, in a materialistic way, without doing anything special as we explained earlier… And what is going to happen?

Well, your house, according to the mirror principle, will reflect all of your incarnation problems, all of your problems with your physical body, which means that they will be amplified.

A rule to remember: my home amplifies that which I am in my body. If I’m super comfortable in my body, super comfortable with this incarnation, my house will necessarily amplify that. If I am uncomfortable with my body, uncomfortable with this incarnation, uncomfortable with all that is material, my house will reflect and amplify it.

Hence the good news: if you understand a little bit the things that we have explained to you, then, if you have problems with your body, the material world, this incarnation, you can put all kinds of things around your home, systems that will help you heal this problem rather than amplify it. You can be creative in your home and install different things, if only by way of circulation of energy, but also through decoration, which will help you heal this problem. It is therefore very important!

Pierre Lassalle

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