Light in the Matrix

Free yourself !

X-File : Light in the Matrix

Wake up! You’re being manipulated.

What I call the ” Matrix ” is the entire Western system – with its consumerist society and everything that makes the life of the modern human being – and its invisible “backstage” that human beings do not “see”, based primarily on mass manipulation.

Here is a complete file on the origin of the Matrix, the mental manipulation and the existing solutions, to shed light on the obstacles to spiritual freedom.

Nouveau Tarot de l'IndividualisationTo free yourself from the Matrix :

Le Nouveau Tarot de l’Individualisation

To learn how to create our individuality in order to become fully ourselves, while having fun (comes in a box with 33 colored cards). Also available in Spanish. In collaboration with Céline Lassalle.

  • Author: Pierre Lassalle in collaboration with Céline Lassalle
  • Publisher: Terre de Lumière
  • Number of pages : 288
  • ISBN : 978-2-940448-02-9
  • Language : French


Smartphonism: A reductive vision

One sunny day while we were walking in the park, a group of people sitting on the grass, quite young for the most part caught our attention; all eyes were glued on smartphones! Why would you go out to the park and stare at your smartphone? We all know that we live in...

Before the End of the World (An article for adults!)

Following an in-depth study of the prophecies proclaimed by dozens of prophets over the centuries, of recent initiates or clairvoyants, and our own researches, it is evident that we are going straight toward the end of the terrifying world: a shifting of the earth's...

A “thirst” for relationships

For the last few decades, we have lived in a society that has placed the supposedly “loving” relationship on a pedestal, with its "bogus" codes to which one must conform, and so each must "explode" from relational to anything-goes! Every human being, uh sorry, every...

A “thirst” for music

For some decades now, we live in a world filled with music. Everywhere we go, especially in big cities, we hear music. The author of these lines, who performed music ten years in his childhood and early adolescence, has nothing against "real" music, that is to say one...

A “thirst” for images

In recent decades, we live in a flood of images of all kinds that invade our field of vision: the images of television, of ads with their billboards disfiguring our cities, of magazines and of the Internet that are interfering without our consent. Is it reasonable,...