Light in the Matrix

Matrix & Mental Manipulation

 Transcription of a private lecture
(December 2012)

eclipseWhat I’m referring to as the Matrix, is the entire Western system of operation – with its consumerist society and everything that represents the life of the modern human being – and in which background exists a lot of things humans can’t « see », and that stands mostly on manipulation.

What I which to develop more here concerns a certain aspect of this manipulation’s story: this concerns the fact that French are obsessed about… cults!

The fact that French are obsessed, yes, that, is manipulation! It is important to know that during the 90s mainly, there has been a whole brainwash so that the French would get to believe that…

Spirituality = cult

It really is a manipulation, because the French didn’t think so to begin with; and then, all of a sudden, after a few years, they started to think that… Anyways, some sort of media hype did happen so that they’d end up thinking it!

So I’ve asked myself why? What is the purpose behind all that?, to understand the process in a better way.

The « scapegoat» syndrome

In fact, we can see that all of the spirituality writers became scapegoats…

It really is a caricature: if an individual writes about spirituality, so inevitably he’s at the head of a cult, cause… « Spirituality = cult »!

But why exactly is this scapegoat role?

In reality, this one’s worth another… In fact, this scapegoat works pretty well in France, but there are other scapegoats in other countries as well, such as terrorists for example, particularly well known in the USA: a whole bunch of things showed these last years how much a lot of manipulation was hiding behind all this, to make people believe some things, so that, mostly, to make them feel insecure. Other kinds of scapegoats still exist, such as racism, or also pandemics.

The role of these scapegoats is always to, on one hand, scare people, and on the other hand, above all, that they don’t question themselves. We tell them: « this is where the enemy is! », so people think that, but avoid asking the right questions. That is why I am saying scapegoat: we make sure people are running after something that isn’t the real cause of the problem.

People want a scapegoat in regard of manipulation, because they feel manipulated… and they are right about that: they are manipulated! In « the story of the matrix » we clearly see it: in the 1920s, everything was put into place to make the Western world into a « society of desires », of consumerists, and that is what created all of the actual system, which is based strictly on manipulation.

The Sufi master Idries Shah (1924-1996) was saying that the Western world was working entirely on the principles of a cult!

I can understand that people are feeling manipulated, but because they must never discover who are the ones manipulating them, we tell them: « It is Spirituality that is manipulating you! » and people (that don’t want to think too much) believe it. In France, it’s working pretty well… and we get to extremes, like to say that a writer that is writing about spirituality is the head of a cult! It is necessary to clarify what is a cult, because all this is completely absurd!

A cult… what is it?

A cult implies two elements: an individual who manipulates, certainly, but mostly a group of people that follow him, because the sect is a group of people and not an individual by himself.

Therefore, even if he is a manipulator, a writer can write everything he wants, if he’s alone, he cannot be a cult! There must be a group of people living with him, follow him, and obey at the beck and call to him, otherwise he cannot be a cult of his own…

I can talk knowingly about this, because like anyone else who writes about spirituality, I was many times accused of being the head of a cult. However, the only people I know, they are my readers; and if we would accuse all readers of all writers of being cults, then we wouldn’t be a democracy anymore, but in totalitarianism, where no one anymore can say whatever he thinks!… which is normally not the case.

For my part, I only live with my wife, and nobody else: there are no group behind me with whom I live, or that I train to do this or that. People that read my books live in their homes, with their families, where they live with who they want, they have the job they want, I don’t mind, and most of the time I don’t even know them!

I think that it is the same thing for the majority of spirituality writers: in theory, we cannot in any case accuse them to be in a cult, but it still works, because the obsession is such…! It really is the scapegoat principle, in which any thinking doesn’t exist: it is only emotional, it is the scare-panic, we accuse and that’s it.

For those who accuse, it’s liberating, it relieves them. Why is that? Because by using this, they don’t have to be responsible for what is happening to them.

Accusing to avoid responsibility

bouc_emissaire2These are things that happen all the time: people have problems in their families, or their jobs, or else, so they’ll surely find a way to accuse someone that, of course, that as « done them wrong »… because he is in a cult! By doing so, everything rests on the cult: every person’s problem, are in fact cults, these are the people that manipulated them, but that’s not their fault…

This is how the scapegoat principle works: it gives people a way to avoid their responsibility. We always accuse to avoid our responsibility: « That wasn’t me, that was him! ».

By the way, I have already explained that (see Le Tarot des Héros with the Fear of responsibility card, which anybody can read if they wish): when we accuse, it is because we are trying to avoid our responsibility.

Consequently, the fact of wanting to be irresponsible, to always look to be taking cared of, to always look for a savior, etc., all this implies that we will always accuse people and… that we will always be looking for a scapegoat!

In our society, this has been developed a lot: we manipulated so much people that way, so that they become weak and feel powerless. And so, by feeling weak and powerless they spend their time accusing others, to reject the blame on others and look for a scapegoat. In France, it fell upon spirituality!

Paradox & humor

There is a « funny» paradox in a certain way: people who are supposedly tracking cults, are themselves in one! In fact, they were manipulated to believe that it is spirituality the cult they’re tracking: in fact, they are themselves in a cult! So this is « amusing » from a certain point of view…

By the way, the best proof that they are manipulated is that they are only looking for cults in the spirituality’s field! (Hold on… it is where the « single thought » has told them to look for to begin with??). So, if they’d truly be free and that they’d sincerely wanted to get ride of any form of cults or mental manipulation, they would investigate every field where manipulation exists (politic, trade/economy, education, psyche/psychology, religion, science, new age/channeling movements, etc.).

Never the less many false things are conveyed everywhere and it needs every now and then that the truth be brought back in the center.

The French family’s sting

The way to educate the French is to put emphasize on the « family » aspect, by saying to families, that if members, « kids » – even if those « kids » have between 25 and 35 years old, sometimes even more! – get away from them, it means they’re in a sect. We made believe to families, that as soon as there is the tiniest problem in their fold, it has to be, necessarily, there is a cult, and that they must find it! And if by any chance the little sheep we’re talking about is interested in spirituality – even if he/she is simply reading books – then the author of those famous books is considered as being at the head of a cult!

However, there are number of reasons for conflicts to occur in families! And this is not necessarily or uniquely because of the fact that the member we are talking about is interested in spirituality: that may very well be because he/she is interested into knowing someone from another race, or an other religion, or he/she have chosen a job that doesn’t please the parents, or that he/she moved abroad, or many other reasons also, that makes conflicts, sometimes « serious », are born within families and split some members… however, all of this has nothing to do with spirituality!

It is true that there is such an obsession over it, that often, people are going to « investigate »; and so, paradoxically (?), many French are interested in spirituality, all they need are conflicts in a family and that precisely, the person that reads spirituality books, so right away we’re going to say: « Yeah, that’s because of that! »…, when it is false. In reality, it is only because she has changed jobs, of boyfriend, of social context, or that she needs to go abroad, or that her child is about to leave, etc.; in short, that has absolutely nothing to do with spirituality, or at least, not in a negative way.

But as the French has a very emotional nature, well it works: if he thinks « his » family is in danger, well then to disempower, he will be willing to « jump » on the first rumour of an upcoming cult!

Careful, for dangerous curves

A real obsession exists on that topic, by the way, France is unfortunately known by the fact of the, so they say « children », leaving their families increasingly late: they stay with their parents till they have 30 years old, and sometimes even later! Obviously, even if they are supposed to be « adults » for a long time, they still behave like « children »: they have neither rent nor bills to pay, no fees, and as far as the parents are concerned, they persist in their role of parents that spoil, etc. All these good people are tempered in a more then bizarre family atmosphere and even murky, to a point where sociologists have rang the alarm bell, by preventing and denouncing that these interactions or links are not really normal, nor fair.

This unhealthy tendencies are amplified by all sorts of insecurities, whose main in France, is this sect story: everyone stays folded on top of the other, nobody dares to be oneself, and in reality, everyone lies to each other, everyone is inauthentic… and no one wins!

And, all of this finally occurs because of all sorts of manipulations that it is time for people to see, so they learn to become themselves!

There is nothing wrong with becoming oneself, on the contrary! It is from this moment on that one can reveal oneself, start truly living ones life, to be creative, have great relationships, etc. It is a greater good… for whoever wants it.

Respect differences

We can had that this idea that « spirituality = cult », is in fact a form of racism. We know very well that French people are particularly racists… Behind racism, is hiding a sort of fear of differences, and, compared to spirituality, that is exactly what it is about. Indeed, we are in an extremely materialistic world, that has lost all of its ideologies; consequently, spirituality brings « something » that has in a way vanished from society’s fundamental values, and that is, thereby, necessarily very different of the « classical » way of life, and so it’s scary.

What I would allow myself to say, or even advise people who are interested in spirituality, is to explain it properly to their families: there are no reason to hide anything, because they would get scared even more! At the contrary, and mostly in France, it is strongly recommended, for people interested in spirituality, to tell their families, to explain why they like it, what it brings to them, why it is good for them, to succeed in their lives, etc. Of course, if members of the family, don’t want to hear about it, then it is important to understand each other on the terms of a mutual respect, such as for example:

– « I respect you, you don’t want to hear about what I experiment in the spirituality field, it’s alright, I can understand, but in return I ask to be also respected for the interest I give to it, as I respect you in your believes and in your life style ».

Everyone can have all sorts of interests in all sorts of fields, and it doesn’t interest all family members! It is understandable.

Of course, for all of this, it is necessary to be authentic, sincere, to express things the way they are, without submission or rejection. Most often, people who are interested in spirituality will do wrong by trying to hide it, or by avoiding to tell it, and by doing so, members of the family start suspecting them, to be wary, to wonder why they are interested in this, and three and a half seconds later, it is the cult that is projected!

But all of this is nothing but the results of fear, insecurity, that are generated by our society, which is constantly trying to make us believe that there will be a « disaster ».

Spirituality, who are you?

Spirituality is very simple: the human being is incarnated in a body, and spirituality consists in knowing, understanding this spirit that lives within that body: what is the spirit that « I » am? It is the « who am I? » quest.

This comes from the Greek philosophy, so it’s nothing new, except that a human being is different, he evolves, and he must understand who he is, to know what he’s supposed to do on this Earth. It is simply a sincere quest, to answer existential questions. That is spirituality…

So spirituality has nothing to do with chanelling or new age movements delusions, or any religion, that drive people into believing things they cannot verify themselves: and what is that exactly if not once again some manipulation… if people allow themselves to??

The « conspiracy theorist »: don’t let yourself get reptilised!

Of course, when we start saying that there are all sorts of manipulations in place, as much as in the consumer society, in politics or even in religion, or else, we are quickly accused to be a « conspiracy theorist » (paranoid, at best!). Of course, people behind all of this thought about everything: they know what people think or believe, they’re ahead of them and are by two moves ahead of the entire world. (I send you back to the historic, with verifiable facts, and that explains well all this, and it’s quite verifiable, based on evidences).

But the problem, it is that people who try to discover the whole matrix operation system also get « high » very often into bed time delusions, as I had the opportunity to read in some books. Many « conspiracy theorists » have a certain tendency to mix together sci-fi and reality. For sure, there are some great sci-fi movies or series, but it’s better not to confuse X-files with reality! However, « conspiracy theorists » easily do it: they say, for example, that people who manipulate us are all aliens – that they call the « reptilians » – and so, when they explain all this, it’s obviously hilarious. Unfortunately, it is a little less interesting then a good old sci-fi novel, because they take it seriously!

And at the same time, it’s a shame, because amongst those people, there are journalists that in their investigation discover true political, economical, and other manipulations, but because they go with delusions of UFOs, UFO squadrons that are protecting us so we can get through the door xw7- thing, also with « reptilians » that wants to wipe us all, etc., everything is ruined.

Obviously, I do not endorse all those so called « conspiracy theorists »; I am rather mostly sorry for them… And all this is due to some manipulation…

Or maybe they’re manipulating themselves? In particular, I would say that because of their much too materialist thought: indeed, they often speak of « good aliens » that watch over us, when it is actually Angels, who are in fact real, but invisible. « Conspiracy theorists », see them in physical bodies, to materialise the idea of Angels. On the other hand, they speak of bad « reptilians » or other « little gray », and in that case, they materialise the idea of demons, which truly exist, but that are sort of the opposite of Angels, and that have no physical body either, and are obviously not incarnated.

Those « conspiracy theorists » only see incarnated beings: it is only due to the fact that they are materialists, and subsequently they materialise all kind of ideas, they go into delusions, they scare themselves with it… make fool of themselves on top of that.

                And people who think a little and do not get influenced too easily, are laughing, because it’s sci-fi…

The problem is that it discredits everything: people throw out the baby with bathwater. But in those kinds of books, it is true that there is some « great buffoon » stuff, but also some realist and truthful elements, some people with whom they get in contact with who explains to them some society’s functioning. But it’s as if it wouldn’t be possible for them to stick to the facts, it is stronger than them, they must embark on an incredible frenzy, that gives the impression that they are manipulated… so that they’re never taken seriously by anyone.

So, there it is for that great parenthesis: the « conspiracy theorists », it is some story, but it is totally apart from all of what I was talking about, of course.

Look and you will find

In the bibliography, at the end of this text, there are a few books references that people will be able to study if they want, and even if I do not endorse them, because I didn’t write them, they are true researchers, philosophers, or others, and they have written very interesting things, including a French philosopher, François Brune who wrote « Les medias pensent comme moi », who also is a little humourist, and in which he shows how people are manipulated through TV and other media.  Then, there is also « TV Lobotomie » from Michel Desmurget, a French scientist that shows TV manipulation from earliest childhood (see also Liliane Lurçat for the education domain).

There are nevertheless very serious people, interesting philosopher even scientist, that have their feet on the ground, and that reveal many things. And it is also true that a few years ago, that we would find all of this only in English, but now, interesting subjects are starting to come out in French. (The great « conspiracy theorist’s » delusion is coming out unfortunately, also in French…)

The Western world principle being based a lot on manipulation, I can recommend to whoever would like to study it, the books of two Italian authors:

Marco Della Luna & Paolo Cioni called « Neuro-Esclavage: apprenez à defendre votre liberté mentale ». It is a very large study (published by the end of 2011) made by these manipulation specialists, to show and explain how it works on every level: how politic manipulates people, religions, the consumer society, psyche-psychology, and even new age movements and others. So, if some want to know how it works, they can read this book; I cannot say that I endorse it, because I didn’t write it (this is only the author), but it is true that it is interesting, it’s well made, and this is the most complete book I know on mental manipulation.

We see in fact, that what I call the matrix, all this Western society, is based entirely on manipulation. So it is not surprising that people get scared of it…

Being yourself: the anti-manipulation remedy!

stop_manipulation2But instead of searching for the scapegoat (spirituality or else), people should just learn to become themselves: indeed, the major parade to avoid being manipulated, it to be yourself!

Being weak, is not being yourself, have no ideal, not being individualised, and therefore be manipulated.

At contrario, being yourself, individualised, committed to a powerful ideal, it is very powerful, creative and impossible to manipulate.

In reality, we are manipulated if we’re « nobody », if we don’t exist, if don’t think for ourselves, we let ourselves completely go with the flow, if we follow everyone everywhere, or everything that is written in the media (the media think for us!), or if we do everything that we’re told: if we are not ourselves, that’s when we get manipulated! Consequently, the best way to avoid being manipulated, is to be yourself.

By the way, twenty years ago, I’ve created a method called « The Individualisation », and it is actually the absolute parade « anti-manipulation », or « anti-cult »! Because it allows people to learn, and succeed, on how to become themselves, by determining what they want for each domain of their lives. If individuals carry this work to the end – and they don’t even need me, the book suffice itself we won’t even be able to blame me of manipulating people, because they do whatever they want with the book! – if they put it into practice, they will be able to freely determine, in every life domain, what they want and what they don’t want; and from that, they won’t ever get manipulated.

                Individualisation is the ultimate anti cult parade!

Indeed, we are manipulated only if we’re naïve or ignorant: if we don’t know what to do in a certain domain, so we can meet someone who says: « that is great for you », but this can quickly turn into manipulation. It is the same theme with publicity, where we tell us: « you desire this, that »: in fact it is not true, and would only need that we question ourselves and we would know how to say « no, I don’t want that ». But if we let it go, we will get surprised when buying a product that we were « forced » to buy! It is basic manipulation, and it is dated from nearly a century (as explained in the story of the matrix).

The absolute parade to any form of manipulation is being yourself, to individualise yourself and to discover for each domain of your life what we want and do not want, and that, out of any possible outside influence. And if there is no influence on oneself, the individual isn’t manipulated anymore.

This is very important: it is the solution to get rid of all those ideas of insecurity, fear of being manipulated, of scapegoats, etc.

The cult :

To go back to the idea of the cult, so dear to the French, I can conceive that cults could exist, but they rarely are where we thought they would…

This makes me think about an article that I’ve read a few years ago (2000) in the « L’Esprit du Temps magazine » (#34 – summer 2000; still available on the; also appearing in the « Tournant » from Michel Joseph): a man, Cédric Lemoine passionate about the Bouddha Gautama and it’s teachings, had viewed favourably the arrival of Tibetans monasteries in Western civilisation and had gone into one of them, in order to live this teaching daily. After about a year, he came out very disappointed and he denounced the monastery has a cult (see «Le désanchantment complet d’un moine novice » article). He quoted the « ingredients » of a cult according to him:

First, they were living in a monastery, it is the first main aspect: a group of people that were living there together all the time; after there was a Lama (= a spiritual master for the Tibetans) who was playing the role of the manipulator. He tells us how he felt manipulated: the Lama was making them do some work without any interest, exhausting, and that, many hours a day; moreover, during this work they were asking them to repeat some mantras in Sanskrit, meaning that they were unintelligible, incomprehensible. To this was added that they were given very little to eat and very little to sleep.

Any manipulation specialist, or of human behaviour, would confirm that we find here the ingredients to weaken someone: if we make him work hard (without any motivation), little food and little sleep, then obviously his will weakens. Moreover, the idea of repeating unintelligible mantras almost all day long, has the effect of a « brainwash ».  We could make someone repeat « blablablebloblu », or any incomprehensive and/or stupid thing all day long, this produces what we call a « brainwash ».

In the case of Cédric Lemoine, after a few weeks with this regime, he felt his will was weakening and also his thoughts: he was realizing that he had difficulty remembering some things, and also concentrating. He felt the manipulation… And during the rare moments were he could sleep, he explains in details how this Lama would do to get into his dreams and was looking to induce certain things within him.

We can find here every ingredients of a cult: a group of people living together with a manipulator, very little sleep, very little to eat, intelligible things to repeat, and nocturne manipulation.

                We have all together the ingredients to make cult hunter’s dream!

                But what are all the anti-cult associations doing? (humor)

That said, it’s still rare to find that kind of conditions, especially in our Western civilization.

And it is true that exists certain communities and groups of people that live together, but this doesn’t mean that they live necessarily this way!

Nevertheless, to begin with, to be looking for a cult, it is imperative that people live together, because how can we manipulate people if we don’t see them?

For my own little case, if I take the year 2012, in Europe, I must have done 5 or 6 days of activities in total, between conferences, symposiums, book fair, seminars; so, even if someone had followed me everywhere during those activities, he would have seen me 5 or 6 days, spread throughout a whole year… and amongst other people, tens of other people! How could I have possibly manipulated this person?! We got to be a little reasonable here! All you need is to simply learn on « how » all of this works, and we clearly see that it’s impossible. And if we compare this, for example, to publicity, that people watch every day, every day, and many times a day, the difference is still huge!

So, the cults focus can only work if the manipulator can see people every day and make them do, say, or understand, things he wants, according to the goal he wants himself to achieve and that regards only himself.

If people want to chase after cults, why not, it’s up to them, but it has to be realistic and true, and not anything, anyhow, like some sort of a « scapegoat » target, as it’s currently the case.

Cult and manipulation: precisions

To get to a close with the idea of cult and of mental manipulation, according to me, two things exist because this idea of cult is something specific enough…

In an actual cult, there is of course the mental manipulation, but it is not the only kind of possible manipulation. For me, it works like Cédric Lemoine has written from his own experience and told in « L’Esprit du Temps » (the Tibetan monastery).

To manipulate someone mentally, from what I understood and mostly read about, in fact it is very hard, cause, of course, we can put a gun on someone’s head, while telling him that he/she better to this otherwise, we’d kill the person that he/she loves the most… and surely the person would do it. It is pure and simple manipulation, if I may say so, however this will not stop that person from thinking whatever he wants.

To make someone think something you would like him to is not that easy… by the way, scientists that are working for the CIA have led all sorts of projects pretty well known now, for decades, to get to learn how to manipulate people, directly, or in the distance. For example, is the MK Ultra project, well known now, where all sorts of experiments were led on humans to learn how to manipulate people. They couldn’t find a way, because it’s not easy. To break someone’s will, militaries know how to do it, with torture, it is known. But, even if we voluntarily break someone, nevertheless this person can still think whatever he wants and stay truly free in his mind.

Mental manipulation we are all talking about with stories of cults, in fact is not that easy… By the way we really see that in those so to say communities where people live a certain way (which regards them), the fact remains those people who went there, it was from their own will, they were not kidnapped and they really enjoy being there. It is as we see it in Orient: people leave their social lives to go to an ashram, and they’re happy to do so, it is their way to live their spirituality. Of course, today, we would say they’re in a cult, that being true or not, I don’t care, everyone can look at it the way he wants…

But to come to the conclusion that manipulating someone mentally, to make him think what we want, it’s extremely difficult and it requires some great means. But, beware however the cellphones, because a project set up by the Americans has subliminal manipulation as a goal thanks to the cellphones… and it seems that it is coming soon!

So, to make a cult work, of course, people must live in a specific place, with a person that is truly an « expert » in manipulation, to get them to believe things.

And for sure, as we see it in the monastery’s story, that the will of an individual has to be weakened (meaningless work, repetitive, during many hours, little rest and food so that the person cannot recover).

Similarly, a brainwash has to be performed, and everyone knows how to do so: stop people from thinking, repeat mantras, or even as we see sometimes, use flashes of light or loud music for hours. To brainwash someone, he must not think.

                Repetitive publicities are doing that just fine! …

As a wink, we could ask this: « Is this why we can’t go anywhere without having to listen to music, in every stores, wouldn’t that be to prevent people from thinking?? » It is at least a question to be asked…

To think about… thinking!

The more we prevent people from thinking by themselves, the more their thinking weakens… it’s a bit like a muscle: an athlete, if he doesn’t train all the time, then his muscle gets weak. And, for the thoughts, it’s the same: we must think regularly. Which means asking ourselves questions, think about ideas, about subjects which intrigues us and that are beyond us.

On the other hand, we do an interesting job, if we’re always wandering or daydreaming, and after we go out to places where there is always music, and if we do this for years or even months, our thinking will ossify. And after we ask ourselves why we aren’t able to concentrate!

When we cannot concentrate, it means that we’ve let ourselves not to think, so behind, it also means there was manipulation.

The other things also, are the memory problems: the more people have trouble making analyses, synthesis, to associate different elements together, etc., the more it means that their thinking is weakening.

So this is serious, because thinking is what differentiates us from animals! So it is very important to not let it go.

And it is not by chance that we always hear the leitmotiv « take it easy! », and always this music everywhere, and those pseudo hobbies, in short… everything that makes people never have time to… think! It truly is the basis of manipulation and of a cult. It’s as if it would be a « cult-town», and as long as the people don’t get out of the bid town, and lives like everybody else, then it is like they were living in an enclosed place with the operating system of a cult… As if, the ways inside a cult, where people live together in an enclosed place, is projected on a town, and it is all the same operating system that is proposed to people. It all comes to this…

The goal is that people never think and never ask themselves questions. This is mental manipulation basis.

Of course it may not be « real deep »… but people spend hours in front of TVs getting brainwashed by publicities, or games and TV shows for morons…

It is at least good to know that in the US game shows were created to stupefy the human being!, so if people spend their time doing so, of course, it is a « light » weakening of the thoughts, but after a certain number of years, it becomes more and more consequent!

And even to the point that scientists like M. Desmurget, and many others in the world, are thinking that the Alzheimer disease would come from watching too much TV. Some scientists will even say that from 40 years of age, every hour spent in front of a TV increases Alzheimer disease risks, so this is serious!

And that adds what I’m trying to demonstrate, because in fact, this Alzheimer diseases, is a thought that completely ossified, that is as good as dead, that is dying… It comes from the fact that it has not been properly put to work, hence the importance to tell retired people to do crosswords or certain games to make their thoughts do some work, because this is what Alzheimer is: it is a thought that is dying prematurely, before the end of the life, and it is not normal. And that is what manipulative TVs creates…

People need to get out of that! It is true that all this causes the mental manipulation, but no one is obliged to live like this! We are not in a concentration camp, we are not obliged to let ourselves go: it is the individual that makes the choice! But of course in our society, if we let it all go, and if we do exactly « as the media recommends us », then it is extremely dangerous, and we end up paying the price heavily: do not do that!

Cult manipulations: double bet!

To get back to the functioning of a cult, it’s a bit the same, but concentrated: people will live altogether with a manipulator, gifted for it if possible, and he’s going to weaken people (see Tibetan monastery) while making them do ungrateful and uninteresting things. Why? Because what affects peoples will is when they are doing uninteresting things.

When we do something with passion, we feel the fire coming from our will, we’re motivated, and from the fact that we got this fire going on, we feel great and our will is doing great. But if we make someone do something completely uninteresting, and if he does it for too long, 16 or 18 hours a day, after a few weeks or months, the will collapses.

So… we could ask ourselves why people are doing uninteresting jobs more and more? It is another question to ask ourselves… I leave people to their own opinion.

In any case, what is sure, if we would have to deal with a cult, this is how it would work: it would make people do uninteresting things, which would weaken their will, so they have no motivation anymore. If in addition, they’d repeat all sorts of things or mantras, (or make them watch TV hours a day, which would do the same), well, their thoughts also weaken.

And when thoughts and will are weaken enough, then the human being is not really human anymore: he is more like an animal, and he obeys to whom provides him with food and maintains him in some sort of pseudo security.

There you go, it’s simple, it is as atrocious and cruel as it is, but that’s how it is.

And that, CIA scientists and others on the planet, have understood that for a very long time already. While pushing people in doing uninteresting things, both at work and in leisure activities, making them watch a screen for hours, where is proposed the stupidest TV shows, aren’t we weakening their thoughts and will here?!?

As the scientist M. Desmurget explains it so well: sitting your bottom down on a couch and not move, it makes one inert, the will collapses and the thinking no more functions, because we swallow everything that is going on the screen. It is dangerous.

And that is the reason why Western society functions like a cult…  But no one is obliged to live this way! Everyone can make his own choice. You just need to be aware and then we can make a difference…

According to me, that is how a cult works: weakening both will and thoughts.

To summarize, to weaken the will, we must do all sorts of uninteresting activities, in which there is no motivation what so ever, no real fire, so it makes you inert, the will collapses, the person cannot fight anymore, to defend himself, or act by himself, he let go everything, he let’s himself go.

And to weaken the thinking, thoughts must be drown in a deluge of information or stupidest things, so either the mantra system where you repeat unintelligible things all day long, or TV shows, it works pretty well… and after a few months, the individual becomes a vegetable.

After, it depends on people, if the person is more or less « awaken » or more or less conditioned, it’ll go more or less fast, but the functioning of the cult, is not so « complicated ». And it is applied everywhere!

The « tragedy » is that all this, even in society, people can actually live it:

If they choose a job that they don’t like, if they have the stupidest hobbies, if they spend their time watching TV, if they never asked themselves questions and if their entourage is working the same way, then, according to me, it’s as if they were in a cult, because in fact, there living the same way! That is unbelievable, delusional! No one obliges anyone to live this way, and they are still acting as if they were in a cult or something, without anyone putting then in, forced or whatever…! I don’t know if it is to laugh or to cry about, but it’s appalling…

Solutions: individualisation and spirituality

                What can help people getting out of this?

Of course, becoming aware of what I’ve just explained, and I am not the only one saying so: many people in Western society are more and more talking about it to wake people up, to put a stop to what is called the « unique thought ». It is a « mantra’s thought », a thought where we tell people: « you must do this and not that ».

To escape from that, you must think by yourself, it is the individualisation that I was explaining earlier: because of the thought that is becoming more and more dynamic (instead of sleeping), and that will light up the will in every areas of your life, you will discover what you truly like about this area, what you want to do, etc. Indeed, the concept of individualisation is to associate the thought with the will.

So not only you ask yourself questions with your own thought, but it awakens also the fire of the will, and in this area of your life you truly express what you love, and you feel great about it… And if you are doing it in every areas of our life, then, you truly are yourself, you live the way you want and you escape all the «clichés», those functioning for morons and their manipulations.

                And it is actually spirituality that allows that!

We then come to a paradox where people say that spirituality is a cult, when spirituality, today, is certainly the only chance for people to get out of manipulation!

That is true spirituality (not to confuse with channeling or new age movements, or religion, or ashrams, or else, that often tries to impersonate spirituality).

True spirituality is always simple: there are no beliefs!

From the moment we are trying to sell you beliefs (and all sorts of great emotions to experiment!), you can almost be sure that there is some sort of manipulations, direct or indirect… Because some are real manipulators, really, but it’s not common, because you need to know a lot of things; in contrast, many are manipulators « unwillingly », like in politic, or in business, or in the new age movements, or elsewhere: they are the « sweet talkers ». A sweet talker is someone that manipulates others, but not on purpose, it pleases him to see people happy when earing what he’s talking about, so he’s happy too, but he doesn’t manipulate consciously, directly.

To get back to spirituality, it is always simple, practical and concrete. There are never any beliefs, because they always belong to the religions or new age movements, or else. This is actually always about asking very simple questions, based on the « why? »: who am I, what am I doing here, where am I coming from…? In order to discover the spirit that I am and what it is doing here, and how it can express itself the best way possible in life’s every areas, become a free and inspired creator.

That is what true spirituality is, very simple, concrete, practical: it is becoming who we were supposed to become, being a true creator, authentic, which expresses the deepest essence of his true self. That’s it! So it has nothing to do with what people are usually trying to make us believe… it always goes beyond emotions, desires and all of the usual hodgepodge which we can find in the new age movements… and in business!

If people knew what truly is spirituality, they would probably change their minds and they would see all of this differently. Maybe they would see that, for many problems in our society, spirituality is the solution!

Indeed, many problems are coming from manipulation… so, in absolute, with a magic wand, if every one could truly be « themselves », all this manipulation would fall, would disappear, because people would see real quick and they’d be laughing to see that they’re trying to pull puppet’s strings on us.

Politics would disappear overnight. The consumer society would totally be transformed, religions would also disappear, many things would disappear or would totally be transformed, simply if people accepted to really be themselves, and if they’d make the efforts…

                Moreover, this is of course where the problem is: making the effort to be yourself but, often people prefer to let it go, instead of making the effort of being oneself. This is precisely where they get manipulated from those manipulators, because they are made believe that they’re not, that they don’t need to make any efforts…

                Religion tells people:

– « You do not need to get tired thinking, all you need is to believe, this is all we’re asking! All you have to do is to believe what you are taught » … But behind this manipulation. So, no thanks! We must never « believe ».

Knowledge must be conquered, verified by none other than oneself.

True knowledge or the experience of life!

Nowadays nobody has access to the truth anymore, all knowledge is indirect people are told: this and that happened on the globe, they are being sold information that they will never verify for themselves. In absolute, we should give ourselves a rule that anything I can’t apprehend myself, is of no interest, and I don’t give it any interest, and only what I can apprehend has value to me, seize, know from my own efforts. If people would do so, no manipulation would be possible!

Every manipulation comes from the fact that we accept what’s exterior, the average Joe, or a system, the Internet or the TV news, tell us things, tell us what’s real. From the moment we give media the power, or all sorts of people or systems to tell us what is true and what isn’t, than we’re manipulated! Never ever accept that. Give to a system our power of knowledge, is to loose our access to reality and truth!

Liliane Lurçat (see bibliography) takes about « derealiasation »: That means that, media that interfere between us and reality, cuts us from reality, placing us, by means of manipulation, in a permanent illusion!

We need to tell ourselves:

– « I want to know what’s true by myself, by my own efforts. If I don’t know much, it’s not much, but at least, it’s something I do know… »

Nowadays we live under the rule of quantity… so, as soon as people get to millions of information, they feel as if they knew a lot of things, when in fact they know nothing! Because everything that they are told is false, everything that is told is at least manipulated to make them believe something… that is not true. And they remain extremely naive!

It is better to know few things, but that we know, that we conquered by ourselves, in other words that we experienced by ourselves. We seized this knowledge by ourselves. At this moment, what we know, we know, it is true, because we mastered it, we experienced it, by ourselves: it is direct knowledge, the only one that truly has value.

All indirect knowledge, is information, it is not knowledge. So, it has no value for oneself. Because… « Why would the average Joe know it all, and could tell me what’s good and what isn’t good for me? No, that doesn’t interest me… If the greatest journalists on the planet through info or else, tell us what’s good for humanity or what’s good for me, it doesn’t interest me, because it’s not me, so, for me it is not true, for me it is manipulation… Even if those people mean well, I « don’t care », it doesn’t interest me. The only true knowledge for me is the one I conquer by myself, what I experience by myself. If I meet with it and experiment it, then even if it is not much, at least it is true for me, and I can have faith in that… because it is a reality, I’ve met with the real ».

Everything we do not meet, everything we don’t experiment by ourselves, is « believe », some theory, it is only hypothetical, at best…

It is for that major reason that since I began writing and teaching, one of my principal leitmotiv is:

« Do not believe me but experiment it! » Believing in everything I write or teach has no value to people, in contrast if they experiment, even if it’s only 1%, of what I’ve written, and that for them, it is something « real », then it’s good for them, well it’s fine: they accessed to something true for them, tangible, because they have made the effort to seize it by themselves.

All that is a belief that has no interest. That’s why I say that it is better not to believe. And, anyways, as long as we didn’t verify, we have no idea! So, experiment it! Who I am or what I write is not what’s important… What matters is what people will experiment about what I have created and given. Have the courage to verify by yourself!

For me, the intelligence of a human being starts right there: from the moment where you want to experiment by yourself some knowledge, where you do not settle for some beliefs, or for that thing or for what that system told us. To believe what such system has told us, or such media, for me, it’s a childish behaviour; and when we behave like a child, well we are manipulated… in our society, it happens real fast!

If we want to get out of any manipulation, we have to be adults. And according to me, being an adult is nothing else but being yourself, and to go get your own knowledge by your own means.

And it’s not on the Internet that we will find such knowledge, because the Internet is a media, an intermediary, an interface; we can’t get access to any reality or truth, because the Internet stands between me and reality, but myself, I want to access reality.

This doesn’t mean that the Internet or other media cannot be great tools to be used to look for billions of information, but it has to remain where it belongs. We will never find reality or truth on the Internet, neither in any other media.

However, what we will experiment for ourselves, that will be real, because we will have experimented it by « yourself ». And what we live, by ourselves, is what reality is: that’s what we get meet within ourselves.

Everything that is called « media » is aptly named, it means what is intermediate between myself and… reality. So I do not access reality with the help of a media. I place myself into a submissive position relative to those who will tell me what reality is.

And there is the manipulation: we make people believe that what’s in the media is true. They read anything and they are convinced that it’s true. No! It is only information.

What I’m giving in this document, it is information; after, what has to be done, is that people experiment by themselves, and then, they will find out if it’s true for them… and if it’s true for them, it will become knowledge, but as long as it’s this way, on the Internet, or other media, it is only information…

So, yes, it marvellous, we live in a world of information, we can access billions of information, but it’s still only information, and this has no value of truth or reality, as long as we didn’t experienced it by ourselves.

According to me, spirituality is based on that: experiencing by ourselves what allows us to be « ourselves », and when we truly become « ourselves », then… we cannot be manipulated anymore!

Examples of manipulation:

There is manipulation in all areas of life: politics, economy/ business, education, psyche/psychology, religion, new age movements/channeling, science, etc.

                Here are three examples amongst others:

Science: «Human beings descend from monkeys »: A very serious manipulation which seeks to devalue the human being: how would the inferior (the monkey) could have generated a superior being (men)? Simple common sense is sufficient to prove this lie. Note that the study of embryology proves the falseness of this theory that has never been proven (and for good reasons!).

Even if this hypothesis (you said « beliefs »?) never has been proven, it is taught everywhere! It’s a scandal! We must not let this go! To make us believe since our childhood, that we are only animals being able to think is one big scam and a lie! Know that not all scientists agree with that theory: So, why isn’t the choice offered to us?!  Moreover, know that for some time now scientists are trying to make us believe that man « descend » from a bacteria! Don’t you think it’s insulting?! If it’s not your case, it means that you are dangerously conditioned by science: science has replaced religion, the scientists are not omniscient, not more that were the priests! Wake up!

Psyche/psychology: According to Freud and his successors, « any motivation amongst human beings is coming from his libido, in other words his sexuality »: another very serious lie that pushes humans to function below the belt and believe that it is normal! It is not only false, but sexual instinct or reproduction, if it truly exists, is not the only instinct; moreover instincts are not the only forces of the subconscious: there are also some good forces and of transcendence. To reduce a human being to his sex, is to try to make believe that he is only a (barely) thinking animal. (Associated with the previous manipulation, it is not surprising to see the human being of our time drag himself into mud and to act as an animal!). Note that the famous collective unconscious doesn’t exist! Yes, it is true that it’s a little convenient to disempower oneself by believing that it is the collective unconscious that « jumps » at us from time to time, makes us commit evil acts: sorry, that doesn’t exist; we all have an individual subconscious and that’s it. So it is again a manipulation to weaken human beings.

Finally, know that for Freud, children, that he called « polymorphs perverts », had sexual desires. Fortunately, not everyone agrees with this sex maniac! Just look at the children’s development to understand that it is puberty that brings the sexual desire (see my book « Maîtrisez votre Destinez »).

The new age movements/ channeling: The famous Maya prophecy that indicated the date of December 21st 2012 as the end of the world! This manipulation comes from a channeler that had predicted it a few years ago (The Mayas have nothing to do with it!). In my book « La Vie Spirituelle » (chapter 2 – Terre de Lumière publishing house) I’ve indicated what really is channeling.

Thus, the Mayas were indicating the end of a great cycle of 5125 years, which is none other then the one the Hindus called the Kali Yuga (Age of Iron). For them, it was ending on the year 1899 (it was lasting, in fact, only 5000 years). For the Egyptians, it was ending in 2001… and for the Mayas in 2011/2012! But, there was never any question of the end of the world. That was a scam from channeling and of new age movements. A large number of people took advantage of this manipulation by proposing all sorts of pseudo methods to evolve real quick and get prepared to a so called rapture on an other planet more evolved then Earth: a great delusion worthy of a science fiction story! Unfortunately, it misled millions of naïve people who believed this wacky story, and the worst was that it discredited authentic spirituality, which is too often amalgamated to new age movements or channeling, or even to religions. Authentic spirituality has nothing to do with those delusional stories conveyed by new age movements and channeling!

Spirituality that, in France, plays the role of Scapegoat, is nothing but a movement that is seeking to understand the operation of the evolution of the spirit of man: the human being is a spirit inhabiting a body. Why is he on Earth and how does he work? Why and how does he evolve? These are the real questions asked by spirituality, which is only looking for to spread more good in the world, with most sincerity and rigor.

I therefore appeal to all who want a real spirituality, not amalgamated to this manipulative business that are new age movements and channeling.

We don’t want to be scapegoats instead of charlatans anymore! Let us not be pushed around! Let us express who we really are, and who we aren’t at all. We have nothing to do with new age movements and channeling, that have proven, one more time, that they are working as some sort of business of believes, to manipulate people in a double goal of personal glory and money. When will be the next prophecy? Will people let themselves be pushed around once again? Will they have learned from this manipulation, and will they have understood that it’s their desire for a savior that makes them naïve and easy to manipulate by new age and channeling charlatans!?

I express the wish that true spirituality never is amalgamated to those pale imitations anymore.

May everyone that feel concerned, have a look at our site so they can read it and tell us what they think about the situation of spirituality within this materialist, pseudo-liberalist, consumerist and manipulative society.

Thanks for reading me.

Pierre Lassalle
Writer and lecturer
For a true spirituality

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