Light in the Matrix

History of the Matrix

Transcription of a private lecture
(November 2012)

Historique_Matrice_20The following text is the transcription of a private lecture given by Pierre Lassalle to a small group of readers.

Even if this text is accessible to the largest public, sensing the urgency, we have to specify that people who attended this lecture knew the basic teachings of Pierre Lassalle, presented in his books. So it would be preferable to read, at least, the «La Vie Spirituelle» book from this author (from the Terre de Lumière publishing house) to acquire the basics of his teachings, which would help to the understanding of the following presentation.

In the same way, the reading of « Artémis & Apollon » book, from Céline & Pierre Lassalle (same publishing house) is highly recommended, as a book providing concrete solutions to what will be exposed in the following.

The history of the Matrix: how was it born?

It was born mainly in the twenties (of the XXth century), and started growing after, in the thirties, fifties and sixties, and again, recently. There were several stages.

At the beginning of the XXth century, it was the beginning of mass production. You should know that the very beginning, is 1917. Before that, one could say that it almost didn’t exist: before that, human beings were working to earn money only to meet their needs. All the money he earned was only to buy things he imperatively needed, for food, household products, clothing. Only things he needed.

When a trader wanted to sell his product – publicity already existed – he would say:

– « Well here it is, I have created a product, it can do this and that, by using it that way, you will get this and that result. »

Bottom line! It was true. He had created his own product to achieve a certain goal for people and he would bluntly say:

– « We can achieve this with that product. »

And he would say:

– « People have a common sense like I do, so with that common sense, they will surely understand that what I say is true and they will be able to test my product – anyways it is true that it does what it does – and inevitably, they will buy it! »

Similarly, in politics, to get elected, people would tell about their agenda, they wanted to do something about their country, so they would announce what goals they wanted to achieve and would say:

  • « So, with the common sense, people will understand that what I’m telling is what I really what to do and, if they are interested by what I’m proposing and that they want to do it with me, well, they will vote for me! »

It was simple, it was direct and it was normal.

That was it, before the Second World War (to simplify).

Of course, there already were some kinds of propaganda, some publicities and others attempts to influence… but remained «primitive» or even naive, and not systematically organized, as the propaganda that was born at the end of W.W.I.

So, from that perspective, we could say that there wasn’t yet a matrix, an organized mass manipulation system sort of. Even if there was some things being prepared for a long time, in other words since the XXth century (because some information was leaked, including a map of Europe that showed Europe as it would look like after the world wars, … so way before they would happen). So, there were projects in the shadows that were meant to prepare well in advance (XXth century), what the XXth century should have had become.

And that is how Lénine and Trotski went to England to start their training to prepare their «coup d’état» on 1917, so they could take control of what would become the USSR. Following their training in England, they went to Sweden, where they met with American emissaries that had given them money so they could conduct their fight.

All of this was prepared in the XXth century in England (way before Lénine and Trotski were born, I think), and after that it was them who were chosen to experiment on totalitarianism in Russia, to see what it would do.

After, others have been chosen for the experiment on totalitarianism in Germany, later, of course. Indeed, how can we possibly conceive that Nazis could actually exist in the country that was Germany, and that, following the first W.W., had collapsed and in bankruptcy?! How all of a sudden, overnight, the Nazis had in their possession the greatest army in the world, the most modern? No way, that’s impossible! We know since, with little research, that it was an emissary from American and European bankers that met with the Nazis and had given them ten billion of dollars… back in the days, in the thirties! So, it was Anglo-Saxon banks that financed the Nazis. This has been proven ever since!

It was also to create an experiment of totalitarianism, to see what it could do. The goal was the control over humanity. But these were particular experiments from which the whole preparation is dated around the XIXth century.

The matrix was born in 1917, because, during the first W.W., the American president Woodrow Wilson (elected in 1916) said:

  • « I’m fed up with this system, (the one mentioned earlier, where everything was simpler, more honest, etc.), I can’t do what I want! If I’m asking my people to go to war, well, they don’t have to…! » Please note that his whole presidential campaign was based on peace! And that was why he was elected!

But that’s normal: every person, by his nature, is a pacifist. Human beings are not murderers by nature. They don’t want to go kill their neighbours.

  • « So, that’s all wrong. Myself, with my people, I want to get into the first W.W. I want to go chopping wood in Europe and my people don’t want to… »

So, what did he do?

He reunited a bunch of people from journalism, from publicity, from psychologists, etc. He told them:

  • « Here, do as you want, but I want methods immediately so I can get my people to do what I want. »

Historique_Matrice_4And so, the Creel commission was born, from the name of the journalist who was part of the process and was directing it. There were tens and tens of people that were part of it. They even asked to people stationed abroad, journalists, notably. Everyone had to do a general brainstorming and as vast as possible, as most convincing as possible, the most brilliant possible, to find out every possible and imaginable ideas to influence the American people: so it accepts to go to war, and that they get sure that the Germans are the worst rotting bastards of the planet, so they go kick their brains in because « it was all that those idiots over sea deserved! ». However, to begin, they had no intention what so ever to go to war because they were pacifists. Yet again, it worked pretty fast. It worked!! Within six months, the American public had completely changed: they became hysterics and Germanophobes!

For the first time in history of human kind, a group of people and the leader of a country had found a way to manipulate masses.

From that came out some people including one, particularly great in the field – who, I personally call, a « two legged pork », someone with such misanthropy that we can’t name him, so I call it « two legged pork », from those people who are truly enemies of the human race and that are « badly inhabited », we could say – This guy had been part of the Creel commission, he was called Edward Bernays and, with his colleagues, while looking for famous methods to manipulate masses, he found out some «great» ideas for the making of the matrix.

The fact was that this guy was Sigmund Freud’s nephew. He said:

  • « I will use my uncle; Sigmund’s methods: diving into the unconscious, to manipulate people’s desires, to generate all sorts of desires and to manipulate them with that. »

And he was the first to practice Freud’s methods to manipulate masses. And, because of him, America, and soon the world, went from a society with needs to a « society with desires ». That’s him, that’s his achievement.

So, there were before him, people who would work for their needs, let’s say most of the time. And after him, people would run everywhere like crazy, they were ready to do as many hours as needed to earn as much money as needed, to ripe off, to steal, cheat, loot and kill… anything to get a maximum of money and satisfied all their selfish desires. It is « Thanks to » Mr Edward Bernays, who for that, used psyched to manipulate people, so that they would have as many desires as possible, so that they would become as weak as possible and the easiest to manipulate. He created many methods such as this one.

He became very popular in the United States. He also became a billionaire.

Everyone wanted a piece of him. Presidents, people from great companies, everyone would come to him saying:

  • « Look, I have this kind of product, how could I sell it? ». And he would use all possible and imaginable means to do so. He would even buy people to say stuff like:
  • « Yeah! That product’s so great! »… Exactly like we do nowadays! He would buy scientists or doctors to make them say:
  • « This product is awesome. It is proven, confirmed. You can buy this item with your eyes closed. It is fantastic for you! »

It was of course a lie.

Today, cellphones, were sold that way. We bought a bunch of scientists who said:

  • « Yeah! There’s no danger at all. It is fantastic. It is great. It’s risk free. Go ahead with your eyes closed! »

It is a lie. It has become common today. We pay people. We pay scientists, doctors, stars, to tell us things that aren’t true from A to Z, to sell products.

On the other hand, there is this guy, Bernays, who invented the whole thing. He invented what we call « propaganda », which in all dictionaries means the art of manipulating masses, but that he transformed into a so called public relations consultant! We now know today the expression « public relations consultant ». Well he’s the one who invented this job!

« Public relations consultant », means a person that truly doesn’t care about others, and who’s first goal is to lie as best he can, steal, cheat, ripe off, loot, role in the mud, as easily as possible, groups of people, masses, people from anywhere, etc. »

It is someone who has neither morality nor respect for human beings! These are the people that businessmen or politicians are looking for because of the practical knowledge they have on the methods created by Bernays, which would find interests on business and political scenes. It is mostly in that area that he created very precise methods.

And he wrote a book called Propaganda in which he did his own propaganda. He promoted himself so he would become even more popular, or well known.

It is during the twenties that this guy became well known. It is even more by the end of the twenties that he truly developed his whole system.

There is a good example in the documentary (see video Propaganda on Pierre Lassalle’s site if there are any women among you, that ever smoked in their lives, well, you own it to this guy. He is the one who invented that! At the beginning, only men would smoke, never women smoked. So it’s him who invented that, thanks to uncle Sigmund’s methods: cigarettes, if you know a little Freud? I’ll let you figure out how he sold the package…! With Uncle Freud, it is “psychology in the underwear”, and that’s it, so it’s easy: men, women, men, women, cigarette, you get the picture! Every woman started smoking because the number one tobacco company had paid a visit to Bernays, and had asked him:

  • « Do something for me. I’m selling cigarettes only to men. I only have 50% of the market, so help me get the other half, in other words, women. »
  • One funny example: you know the Americans with their continental breakfast… eggs and bacon? Well guess who invented the menu? Well, that is not so bad you see? But he paid a bunch of doctors that told the American people:
  • « This is the perfect breakfast, well balanced for you.»

And so it became the perfect American breakfast because people behind all this had been paid for this mission, and paid others to tell every possible and imaginable lies to sell that idea!

Of course that wasn’t so bad. He did things a thousand times worst than that to help presidents manipulate their own people!!

It is actually him and his buddy – Walter Lippman, who had better connections in politics – who created modern politics.

With democracy, which was at it’s beginning, politicians would address to the people by saying what was really on their mind and they would reply:

  • Yes, that’s good. That’s not good. I vote. I don’t vote. »

But those two guys said:

  • « But we got to stop this massacre! No! It doesn’t make any sense, because this way anybody can be elected! The people are only a bunch of idiots… their only purpose is to be manipulated like a herd of calves. We are not going to let them elect anyone they want! What the heck’s going on around here! And those important, intelligent, who have money, who have power over their country, they could be fired by some idiot that would be leading the country! No way! We got to stop this massacre! »

So they created politics the way we know it today, in other words, their thoughts:

« No way! To this herd of calves, we have to propose, let’s say…, we introduce two candidates: So there you go, these are the two best candidates for you people. »

And those people are supposed to be fighting one another, to be one of the two opposite sides. We already know that, it is the same everywhere, there are the conservatives and the progressives: That’s the way in the United States, that’s the way in France with le left (progressive or yang) and the right (conservative or yin). When people are more conservative, they will vote conservative. When they become more progressive because they’re tired of conservatives, they vote the progressive candidate! There is no way people should be involved in the process of the country’s important decisions.  People must remain only spectators to what’s going on, and that is important… while being under the illusion that with his vote he is participating to what is going on in the country.

But, it is imperative to maintain the people in ignorance and illusion of democracy! It is like that in country. We finance the two and we generate the two.

Lippman is one of those who promoted the invisible government. He talks about it directly. He says that people like him « have to regroup to manipulate masses and form an invisible government, because that’s the only way they’ll succeed and they will be  the real power. It won’t be the Punchinellos in place everywhere ».

                He wrote it. We can get this book anywhere.

The Matrix (or all of the new propaganda based handling system) was born like that, with him, and with a few others, because as he was becoming a star, rapidly a lot of people imitated him. Some were more business oriented, others politically oriented and, in only a few years, all systems were infected to manipulate others and to generate a maximum of desires, so that they buy and be as weak and manipulable as possible.

It developed quite a lot during the twenties. It is where it all started – the second half mostly – and then until the second W.W., where there have been this manipulation about the Nazi’s and their financing, etc.


American way of life 

And then, there was another phase, after W.W.II., because people were so collapsed with everything that had been going on, that they were easy to buy, per say. So they put into place « the American way of life », in the 50’s. And then in the 50’s and 60’s, the « Alliswell » was put into place.

«Finally the war is over, now we’re gonna take it easy; everything’s gonna be just fine! »

 Historique_Matrice_17All this system sort of refined itself, got clearer, got better, so that people everywhere are squared, and then… it is the «Alliswell» that appeared. But we all know that this «Alliswell» cannot really exist, because if so, if we would let people into «Allisfine» land, they would start doing anything, we just couldn’t let that happen. There comes a time where they evaporate so that we can’t lead them to were we want. That’s not working, so we have to give them a little «Alliswell» so they dream, they get high, that they’re happy, etc. But, there is also the need, to regularly, scare them, because when we’re scaring them, they feel insecure, they get back on the canvas, and just then we can grasp and manipulate them, lead them where we want them to be, because it also weakens them.

Both systems are put into place; so then, to scare them, that means that we constantly need wars. Little wars. No need for world wars, but we need to constantly have wars going on and that people feel a constant threat. If you’re at war all the time, and that you constantly announce disasters on the TV news channels, interspersed with «Alliswell» publicities on the satisfaction of selfish desires, what will happen?

For one, people will feel powerless to solve any problems (they will feel completely overwhelmed by all that’s going on…), so they will loose confidence in themselves, but also, they will hide into the «Alliswell» or in the unwinding satisfaction of selfish desires, acting like compensations for this cruel life!  Here they are our rail costumers, stuck, manipulated by the media…

This is a system of «single thought» or even better of «double thought» (by the name given by George Orwell in his 1984 novel) that was put into place and from which are some examples (which you can find in his novel… and in today’s society):

« War is peace!» If someone wants peace, one must do war. That is simply impossible – everyone knows that today…! –  We cannot obtain peace just like that: we first need to make war. And it is most of the time the fact that we are making war that can keep us strong, keeping us at peace. That’s what the Americans do: They’re showing it. Remember the recent war in Irak. That was the demo of this main « War is peace! »

However, with a little logic, war and peace are two opposites. Well, a «double thought» thinker will disagree with that. I want peace, so in order to get peace I need to make war. Obviously, in order to win this argument, he must lie to himself (the basic principal of the single thought, or dual thought, or even the liberal liberalist thought, is the lie to oneself, or do something a certain way when you’re think the opposite!).

«Ignorance is knowledge!» This seems illogical! However, if we substitute the word «ignorance» by «information», it makes perfect sense! But why would information be ignorance? It is important to understand that knowledge is a direct access to reality or a truth. On the other hand, information (developed considerably nowadays, trough electronic media: radio, movie, TV, computer, Internet, telephone, etc.) is obtained by a media, in other words by an intermediate between the individual and reality or the truth. So, by definition, it is impossible to access to real knowledge or reality trough a media. Since we can’t access to knowledge trough a media, we remain in ignorance… Despite the deluge of information! In fact, ignorance (or information) really is knowledge, since it became what most people believe. With the new technologies of communication (or electronic media), people are convinced that they know everything and that all knowledge is kept at their fingertips: however, it is an illusion of the double thought!

On the same main of control over the population, the matrix (or the matrix technocrats who control it from the shadows) propose a well to put together a mixture with, an «Alliswell» part, to make people dream and keep them «happy» (see the huge development of the recreational and entertaining world, with more and more stupidity!); and an other part, based on fear, to generate impotence, the lost of self confidence which creates mistrust.

Later on, with science, we invented stories about viruses that have considerably developed. It is true that they made some, also… and some even escaped sometimes.

And then after, the last thing dated which is terrorism. We’ve already seen it. The Americans were financing, training people so they would become terrorists, so that after, they would come and attack.

As soon as a power is created, immediately after a counter power must be put into place, this way anyone that would want to rebel against that power, won’t do it because they will be thinking:

« There’s already someone taking care of it. They are well organised. They’re doing a great job. » It plays on laziness and cowardice of people. Every time we feel people could become rebel, the counter power is consolidated:  « Yeah, those leaders, they’re stupid, they’re bastards, we must destroy them. We’re sick of it all! »

So the guy in front of his TV will tell himself: « Oh yeah, that’s great! Yeah, I don’t need to get up my chair to do it too… It’s already been taken care of! »

And there you go, that’s the way to manipulate people, because our leaders know very well human weaknesses. They play with it.

This is a principle that we could call « Santa Claus/ Bogeyman»! One time I give you a toy, to eat and security (so important nowadays!). And one time you’re doomed, lost, it’s war, the pandemic, cataclysms, etc.

 And most of all, don’t you worry cause we’re watching over you!

Playing our role as human beings: the battle of the heart

It is important to know where the fight is taking place and not be afraid to get into the ring when necessary, to play our role, because it is very essential for our time to actually play our role. Because everything as been so « well made » for the last 90 years, approximately, that most people do not play their role; but it’s so well printed everywhere, if I may say so, that there is a certain lifestyle today and even that it’s perfectly ok to live like this, and so everybody thinks it’s great to live this way. And we now have come to a point where people are afraid when they see someone who is a « real human »…!

People live in a « laziness of the heart », in other words laziness and/or the refusal to give.

When one follows a spiritual path, he has interest for the mind, for the Spirit he is! It is quite normal since we are humans! So it is normal to be interested in who we are, how we work, etc. Well, the majority of people, today – more in some countries than others, surely – are scared when they see a human like that, that is interested to who he is.

  • « Hold on here…, there’s no need to get worked up about that! But, what’s going on? What’s wrong with you?! »
  • « Sorry, but I’m a human being! I would like to know how I’m working! » We have to say it… it is the least we can do. Well, people are afraid of that.

Or, if you spontaneously trust people, they say: – « But, that isn’t normal. Where you deported? That doesn’t exist! »

Or, if you show them love, well then, they run for the hills! Unbearable. What’s with this madness?!

It is as if, more and more, when someone expresses human’s great values or tell what is being done with those values, people get really scared. And as we know, fear leads to aggressiveness. They get really scared and then after, they get close from literally hitting us. That isn’t right! Do you realise how this came about?

But this, it’s only because we allow it. It is only society that generates that, but we are not forced to join that society. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more dangerous to join the society’s code, because this society « is out to destroy us ». When I was talking about Bernays, Lippmann, or others – those « two legged pigs », as there are some others today, I don’t know their names but they’re out there – those people are not really humans anymore.

It is Mammon nowadays that is leading the world, that is missioned to control the Matrix. It is a demon. It is not a human. He never was human. It is a demon, plus a powerful one! Human beings that are working with it are also not really humans anymore. I send you back to « Jack Power » (my Cyberespace novel): these are the people that are working with Mammon to lead the world, so, we can’t just let this kind of system do as it pleases, because somewhere, we swallow bits of what these creatures are made of. And that kills our humanity.

This is the time of the battle of hearts.

Mammon knows that if every human being had an open heart, it would be ejected from this world, would be damned, it would be lost. It knows it, so it wants to do everything to close people’s hearts. What it needs, is not to shut their mouths, it is to shut their hearts. With their mouths people can say whatever they want, anyways, nobody cares nowadays. People will check on Internet or in the media (organ of the « double thought »!), where the Matrix tells us what it wants to tell, and so you can tell whatever you want, people do not care nowadays.

That’s what they (Mammon and his pals) think:

  • ” We don’t care what people say. What is important is to close their hearts, because that is where the human being roots are “.

If the human heart is being closed, his thought can keep on going, and it works in a way without the « I », without the spirit, but it is an intellectual thought, a machine thought, a computer thought. And then, the will get automatic, unconscious. When they both are united, it can give the animal, but an aggressive and dangerous animal. That is actually a problem Mammon and his gang have problems solving, because they know that by closing the human being heart, you get a human that can’t control himself at all, because it is sort of no longer inhabited. His « I » is like in prison, and that’s it. He functions only with his head, but without the « I », and an automate will, in which there is evil and animals.

That can give someone who could become a tyrant, someone with a ferocious cruelty, but that we just can’t imagine, … that could kill a child, … he couldn’t care less, because he cannot feel anything anymore. For someone like that, there is no more consciousness, so he can do whatever pleases him, it won’t hurt a bit. He will never have guilt. He can kill a bunch of people, entire crowds, he has no remorse and won’t feel a thing. But, on the other hand, he cannot be controlled, as well. That is one Mammon’s problem: how to create people like that, but that are also perfect little soldiers.

Mental manipulation: stultify the population

It is the race for desires, and then, finding means to stultify human beings. This consumer’s society is based on the principal that individuals must desire. The publicities propaganda and the entertaining industry are doing everything so that individuals get to desire all sorts of products (carefully and quickly renewed). The consumer (what an horrible word!) must « prove » that he desires and consumes all the time: it is at this « cost » that he is considered « normal »!

Games, all of the games…, you’ve seen on TV and in magazines and everywhere, the number of games there are? Every possible and imaginable hobbies that were created? All that with the same purpose of stultify people and stop them from thinking (from asking ourselves questions and to think about it).

You know, the Americans talk about entertainment and about those guys that work for those who control the Matrix (Zbigniew Brzezinski) had found an expression, which instead of using entertainment, which means «hobbies» after all, call it TiTitainment. Titi, is TV, you know, women’s breasts. Tititainment is to really show that a whole bunch of the stupidest hobbies needed to be created, as if they wanted to create them for babies, because people need to become babies. In other words that they couldn’t think anymore, after doing those kinds of hobbies. That was in the 80’s or a little later…

But then again, it is only because the human is not doing anything about it! Nobody is obliged to press on the TV’s button and to watch it. We don’t even have to have one home…, because where they could get caught at their own game, where they might, anyways, get caught in their own game, is that, because it is a « soft totalitarianism ». They can’t just like that officially outwardly, impose regularly some stuff and say: “Everybody must do this or that!”

No way, because that would become hard totalitarianism the Bolsheviks way, or Nazis way, and so it would be the same, people would reject it. Because of this « soft totalitarianism », they have to use a thousand hidden ways, to make people believe in their stories. « Thanks » to that, or because of that (because of that for them, but thanks to that for us), it gives us the liberty to not go with it. We can live our lives the way we want, but if we let it go, of course, we will embrace all of this. After, as they became masters in the art of manipulating people throughout publicity, media, on and on, and on and on, and on, they incite people to do all sorts of things, because they don’t want to impose anything, yep, they have to incite people. So, of course they keep saying on and on, “that’s great, that’s great, that’s great, that’s great, that’s great and that’s great. That is great for you, that is great for you, that is great for you, that is great for you, that is great for you, that is great for you”. And when it is repeated a million times, people without even knowing, do it.

 matrice_et_manipulation3Why is that so? Because they adhere too much to the Matrix! They are constantly plunged into mass media. They are constantly plunged into all of that « because it must be done, it is important, because of this, because of that ». And being clubbed all the time, all the time, « you must do this, you must do that », well, people end up believing it. « If you do that, it is dangerous. If you do that, it is dangerous. If you do that, it is dangerous. Spirituality is dangerous, spirituality is dangerous, spirituality is dangerous. Spirituality is dangerous. Spirituality = sect, spirituality = sect, spirituality = sect, spirituality = sect, spirituality = sect, spirituality = sect ». You see?

Well, the good old neighbourhood calve will believe that. He has never crossed path with spirituality, he has no idea what so ever, but he is engram in his melon: spirituality = sect, so danger ». So when he hears the word « spirituality »:« Yeah, that’s a sect! It’s dangerous! Let’s exterminate them! »

There you go! Since anyways he has no more heart, he is super aggressive. Super scared and super aggressive. But why is that? Because he lets it go. No one is obliged to function that way. We don’t have to let the Matrix tell us what to do.

We must be careful. We must be detached. We must never ever, take for granted something that is said in the Matrix, because there is a 9/10 chances that it will be a form of manipulation.

But, do you realize that? Since the twenties, they became masterminds on how to manipulate people through media! And when it comes to pay people to use them to manipulate masses, well then, I’m not telling you…, Bernays was already doing it in the twenties! He would pay scientists, doctors, movie stars, to sell his products, to sell his ideas, to sell his politicians. He was already doing it. So imagine what it’s like nowadays?! The only thing that is told is: « Yeah, it has been proven by science. Yeah, that has been proven by medicine! » But that’s all fake! It’s a lie! Nine times out of ten.

The only thing that could be right, is from people who extracted themselves from the Matrix, that found out about something, or that have created something, and then, that are trying one way or an other to publicise it, while being honest and sincere. But that’s extremely rare.  And you can see it right away. You can see right away that they are more or less « out of the Matrix » and then, in general, they get crushed real fast.  You know, the age-old story about that car that actually worked using new fuel.

– « Yeah, that’s it, next year finally, it’ll come out! » Then, all of a sudden, look, no one’s mentioning it anymore, over and out. We already know that in the thirties of that last century had been invented by a certain Telsa – whom everybody heard of in our circle, I think – a machine that could capture the electromagnetic energy from the earth, from the ground, from nature, and that little machine, we would put it in an actual car; a road test had been made in Europe of a car that had been running for seventy-two hours in a row with an average of more then a hundred kilometers/hour, without any fuel, just this little box, this little terrestrial energy captor.

This captor, we could have used it for the house: it would have provided light and heat… all the time! And for the car, same thing, we would have bought it equipped with that, we would have never have to put, neither fuel, nor water, oil, or anything. Can you imagine that?! It is an awesome invention. And of course, for houses, no need to subscribe to electricity, to gas or to have sophisticated devices to get warm, that we have to fill with fuel oil or whatever else, no matter what method. All this wouldn’t have existed because in a house, an apartment, there would have been 10 machines that capture the energy from the ground, and there would have been light and heat forever.

– « Yeah but, well, hey, your story isn’t profitable! Your kidding or what? Even if we would start selling it expensively… We sell it with the ride, but after the car doesn’t need anything. You must be joking right?! No way, we need to find a fuel that is the most expensive possible and that we have to replace as often as possible so that we make loads of money, damn it! »

Then, I can tell you, for years and years, they are looking everywhere – because oil, they know is coming to an end, it had been predicted since a long time and it is easy to verify – what could be the replacement fuel that would be the equivalent, in other words, one most expensive and one which will need replacement real soon. They’re racking their brains for it because, otherwise, products that are not expensive and that we don’t need to use often, there’s a whole lot! There’s no way they would do that because that wouldn’t be « profitable ». Think about the car, would you imagine?! This is one of the most profitable process in the world. Almost everyone can have one. We can’t just put anything into that. It must be profitable. Everything works like that.

At the beginning, there was Bernays « brilliant » idea, thanks ton uncle Freud: we must create the desire amongst people. And when we create the desire amongst people and that we know how to manipulate them pretty well, we do what we want with people. For a start, we can sell them anything, so we can get from that loads of money, and also, to lead them, we can get them to believe anything also and so, at this point, we can do whatever we want with them.

This is the way the Matrix practices mental manipulation on the good people! … Do not let that happen: wake up!


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